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ZaoN's Legacy TI Event #2


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Hello and Welcome to another Legacy Ti Event.


This time we are visting the lovely river of Belaya.

We are now in pursuit of a specie that is very shy, but a well sought after target. I'm talking about the Brown Trout.

There are no rules on how you catch the fish.

The winner is the one that catches the biggest fish.



To prove that the fish has been caught on Belaya, take a photo of the fish with the valid information needed. To do so, open your keepnet, click the fish you want to enter with and then click on ! mark that contains the information on wich lake it was caught on.

Suspected cheater's will be disqualified from the competition.



Oil up the reels, and let's go find some Brown Trout people!

Good Luck to you all, and Tight Lines!


EVENT START TIME : 18:00 CET/12.00 EST 13/7-2021

ENDS : 21.00 CET/15.00 EST 15/7-2021


The price for the winner is this

Kingfisher Legacy Ti 12-3.50





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