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RF4 Annual Cup 2021 - Qualification round

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Annual Cup 2021 Qualification Round - Scheduling:

The tournament will take place in the following regions: DE, FR, PL, US/EN/Other, ES, PT and KR


Registration Start: Monday 03/09 12:00 pm EST / 03/09 18:00 CEST

Start: Friday 17/09 12:00 pm EST / 17/09 18:00 CEST

End: Sunday 19/09 12:00 pm EST / 19/09 18:00 CEST

Annual Cup 2021 Qualification Round - Details:

Catch the specified fish species on selected waterbody within the tournament timeframe. The maximum weight of 3 fish species will be evaulated. The required fish species and waterbody will be available on the website 3 days before the tournament starts.


Only standalone players above level 30 can register for the tournament through the official website -> Login -> Forum tournaments.



How to transfer to standalone:



Annual Cup 2021 Qualification Round - Prizes:


Top 50 players will be qualified for the next stage of the Annual Cup.

Top 20 - 3 days Premium

21. - 50. - 1 day Premium

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