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Autumn Breeze Event

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Autumn Breeze Event!

Greetings Anglers!


This month there will be an Autumn Breeze event! This event will be hosted by xiix_denise_xiix.

Watch at https://www.twitch.tv/xiix_denise_xiix


Best Regards,

Your RF4 Team


When and Where!

The event will happen on 19/9 at 1300 EDT / 1900 CEST

Watch at https://www.twitch.tv/xiix_denise_xiix



There will be two competitions. One on Volkhov RIver and one on Lower Tunguska River. The top three winners from each competition will each win a prize. Additionally, there will be a secret goal for each competition. The prize will be announced at the competition start by the streamer. The player from each competition that meets this goal, and was not in the top three will win that prize.



The goal prize will be announced at the start of each competition.  The top 3 from each competition will win the following:


1st:  10 gold, 4000 silver, 7 days premium

2nd: 5 gold, 2000 silver, 3 days premium

3rd:  3 gold, 1000 silver, 1 day premium


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