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Veteran Floatermen: What am I doing wrong?? (Video examples)


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So I've recently got the bug for float fishing after starting as a bottom feeder. I understand the basics of using CTRL + right click to hard set the hook. and also to make sure there is not too much slack in the water.


I started around 30% and leveled my way up to 70% with white broadfish at tunguska. They are simple. Set the depth to whatever you like they do not care, 1.5m in 4m depth no problem. They nibble, the float plummets and you strike. 90% of the time you will hook. simple and easy (not suggesting everything should be like that.)


Having gotten a little bored of that I tried experimenting with bream who seemed to be more effected by depth, this time the depth needs to be at the bottom. Not so difficult to balance the float so it sits just right above the surface. I found these way more difficult and finding myself struggling to know when to hookset. I gave up after a few hours and catching only a handful and missing many many many hooksets. 


Moving on a few days I tried my luck at trophy hunting roach at ladoga/sura. same situation as bream. They nibble for longer and it's hard to tell when is the right time to set the hook. The problem here is that it seems to be completely random. I tried many different times to set the hook. and each time with different results. 


1. fish nibbles. wait. the float sinks. Strike. no hookset.

2. fish nibbles. wait. the float sinks. wait. strike. no hookset.

3. fish nibbles. wait. fish nibbles faster/stronger. Strike. no hookset.

4. fish sinks the float fast and immediately. Strike. no hookset.

5. fish nibbles. float sways away in a direction. strike. no hookset.

6. fish nibbles. float rises. strike. no hookset.

7. fish nibbles. float rises. float lays flat. strike. no hookset. 


and all of these seemingly working in the opposite and working other times. so from that it became confusing and I don't know where I'm going wrong at this point. So I think maybe all I can do is post some clips of my failures/successes that also contradict each other and maybe you can tell me what I am doing wrong.






































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What it looks like is happening to me is you are attempting to set maybe just slightly early on the ones you are missing.  In some cases you will be able to set as soon as the float sinks, but in other cases, especially with more cautious fish, you will find that sometimes the float may sink completely, then still pop back up one or more times before the fish finally takes the bait securely enough for you to strike.  I would advise you trying to wait just a little longer and see if you get better results.  I wouldn't say that it is completely random, but sometimes it does seem you will get that odd fish that you just can't get the timing on.

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