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Fish Of The Week 27/09 - 04/10


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Fish of the Week - Scheduling:

Available regions: US/Other regions/JP


Start: Monday 27/09 06:00 am EST  / 12:00 CEST

End: Monday 04/10 06:00 am EST / 12:00 CEST

Fish of the Week - Details:

What do you have to do?

Goal is to catch the heaviest specimen of Red Char.

The fish has to be caught within the challenge time frame and posted within 3 hours of being caught.

The player who catches the heaviest one will win prizes.



The fish caught should be posted in this topic until the challenge is over.

You can post as many as you want, but remember that it needs to be that species.

Everything will be checked carefully in the logs so there is no possibility of any cheating.

The following information should be included in the post:

  • Screenshot of the fish caught.
  • The name of the map on which the fish was caught.
  • Exact coordinates / Grid Square, if you're trolling
  • Bait
  • In game name

The results will be published within 7 days of the end of the challenge.


Challenge rules:

  • Messages that do not contain the required data won't be considered.
  • In case of several players catch fish of the same weight, the person who caught it first will be the winner.
  • Illegible screenshots posted by the player won't be considered.
  • Challenge entries that violate the rules or rules of good behavior won't be considered.
  • All unregulated cases are decided by the administration.
  • In case of problems with the server, connection or other, the administration reserves the right to change the date of the challenge or suspend it indefinitely.


Only players from the USA, Other Regions and Japan using the standalone version of the Russian Fishing 4 client can participate in the challenge. 

If you are interested in transferring a Steam account to a standalone version of the game client, all information can be found in this post:

Fish of the Week - Prizes:


Zeiman Jet-Series JSX-R

Prizes will be paid out within 7 days of publication of the results.


May the best angler win,
Your RF4EN Team.


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12 minutes ago, Crapu said:

Map: Ladoga

Coordonates: 76:23 casting east Grid H8

Bait: Syberia Real Worm 7:003 with orange bead hook size 2

In game name : Crapu


 I had to quote myself to modify coordonates since no Edit button appeared after i edited once so grid . Grid h8

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5 hours ago, Ragnarocek said:

Üzgünüz, ancak Steam hesabı nedeniyle diskalifiye edildiniz. Lütfen ilk mesajı dikkatlice okuyunuz. Teşekkürler.


Hello Ragnarocek


When the week of the fish published on the website, I sent my transfer mail to rf4, and ı started to fish redchar. When I got the trophy I posted to the web site, because I tought the transfer procedure would conclude. If the trophy has been caught before sending transfer request, disqualification would be fair. İn my circumstances can you check my request emails time and reeveluate the final decision please
Kind regards Mydonos Kafe


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