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Kuori Whitefish


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Kuori Whitefish

  • The Kuori whitefish is an endemic form of the common whitefish. It inhabits Lake Kuori. It has an elongated body, a broad forehead and small eyes. As the fish grows older, its scales acquire a green shade. Kuori whitefish is most successfully caught using floats and some types of spinning rigs.
Possible baits

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  •     Worm
  •     Redworm
  •     Leech
  •     Diving beetle
  •     Bloodworm
  •     Live bait
  •     Mayflay larvae
  •     Stonefly larvae
  •     Freshwater gammarus
  •     Maggot 4-004
  •     Maggot 4-006
Example of the setups
Possible bottom setup



Possible rigs:

  • Simple bottom rig
  • Paternoster rig
  • Loop rig


Possible float setup



Possible rigs:

  • Fixed float
  • Slider float rig
  • Match rig
Possible spinning setup


Possible rigs:

  • Lure rig
  • Jigging rig
  • Three-way rig
  • Dropshot rig
  • Texas rig
  • Carilina rig
  • Wacky rig
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Last time I fished for them I was using 2.5m depth on a match rig, diving beetle, from an island with a tree casting towards the cliff, I can't remember the clip... I think it was 20m. Bite was slow but steady, caught some nice specimens but had no luck with a trophy.. Maybe you will, good luck.

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