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Ground bait vs dry mix question


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Hi there,


I read here in a guide that GBs with different ingredients casted onto the same spot will overwrite each other, but different types of feed stuffs (like a PVA stringer and a GB) will not overwrite each other even in case of different ingredients.

But what if I use a spod rod and put some dry mix into the water then I cast a rod with ground bait into the same spot? Like in case of a loop or method rig with a feeder? A dry mix and a GB are different things, but they ingredients can be the same or can be different. So will the GB in the feeder of the method rig overwrite the dry mix casted by the spod rod?


Thank you,


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Rocket Feeder: 

Also acts like thrown groundbait . The balls simultaneously fired with the rocket feeder have the same attraction as a corresponding number of individually thrown balls. The advantage of the rocket, however, is that you can throw quite a few balls of groundbait in exactly the same place and thus significantly increase the attraction there, while individually thrown balls always scatter within a certain radius. 


Please read whole post here: 


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