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Fish Struggling : over powered. ( not sure if this is proper section )


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Recently , and on stream , I have had several occasions where a fish has either tanked my gerar or tried to.

Now, I can not speak of the fish that got me off guard, but for a fish to tank a 14KG set up, it has to be at least a 4.6KG

*It was all New Gear, fresh from the store *

( a fish, without anything to hold onto ( as catfish or flounders can being as they can dig in ) is good for "maybe" 3X their weight in muscle strength ). I will amit I have caught such a large fish at the location it occurred so I am not mad.


However, I have had fish ( not catfish, nor Burbot ) 700g to 800g try to tank 6KG and 14KG setups like it was legal. 

(red lining my line's test )


* I did look up stuff to be sure , but honestly, there is more studies done on fish finders then on fish.


The muscle strength of fish, not conducive to digging in or hiding in holes, leaves the fish out in the open with only gravity and water resistance between you and it is figured at approx. 3X it's mass. 

Fish that are known for digging in or hiding in holes can go up to 5X. 


If you are on the shore - as most of us are - it is easier to pull as opposed to being in a boat. 

So if there is one variable to consider here it  is "How thick is this water ? " 


However, the strength of the fish in open water is only around 3X it's muscle mass when it's under assault by an angler. 


I think this latest update to the fish is not bad, just a little over powered .  


I will note that I have had heavier fish that barely put up a struggle at all , it';s just to have these less than 1KG lake monsters trying to tank your gear set up that is well over their ability to fight so hard is really ... not what I came to expect from this adventure. 


I have, on a video I did a "lake monster" of 800G try to tank the Old Spinning Rod : it looked like i was doomed, but I remained calm and caught up to it.. reeled it iin. BUT, that was expected - 800G X3 = that fish could actually tank that old Spinner rod . 



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On 11/27/2021 at 4:04 AM, AlternativeEgo said:

I was once told that the fish strength RNG span is between -50% to +300%. Don't know where those numbers come from or how valid they are but such is game. 


I will go ahead and tell you that this is definitely not valid and is probably a player estimation.

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