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Russian Fishing 4 - Winter Season Gifts 2021


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Winter Season Gifts 2021 - Scheduling:

The tournament will take place in the following regions: EN/US/JP and Other region


Fist task: Wednesday 01/12 02:30 am EST / 01/12 08:30 CET

Last task: Sunday 24/12 02:30 am EST / 24/12 08:30 CET

Winter Season Gifts 2021 - Details:

Every day anew, the door opens. The first player is chosen. But what exactly is the goal?


Small prizes await you behind every door.

Every day there will be a task that we will give you.

The first player to complete the task and post a comment with the result will receive the prize.



Winter Season Gifts 2021 - Conditions:

An administrator will create the task every day.

The task will be posted daily in a new post at 02:30 AM EST  / 08:30 CET


The first player to complete the task and write a comment with his catch will win.


Important! We will check the tasks in logs for authenticity.


These tournaments are only available to standalone players. If you are interested in a transfer, you will find instructions for switching from Steam -> Standalone here:



May the best anglers win,

Your RF4 Team

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