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The clip from the twilight zone


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I'm sure that we all have made it a habit to check our clip settings when we start a session in case the game - for some arbitrary reason - have forgotten it. It's just a few quick key taps, no biggie.

The clip issue that I experienced today thought is...of a different nature.


So yesterday I was trolling Kuori with a 13m clip. Okay.

Today I took the same rod, changed reel and line, and started free-casting from the shore in Yama. All is well.

I closed the game for a short 10 minute break.

I get on it again and at the first cast my lure stopped mid-air. 

The 13m clip was back.


...just how? Did the rod suddenly remember the setting from the previously mounted reel and decided to go with it?

Just too bizarre not to share.     

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