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Denis RF4

Patchnotes 29/11/2019

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-        A new waterbody, the Amber Lake, was added. This lake is accessible from level 26 onwards
-        12 new fish species were added
-        A new transportation, the Quad Bike, was added and is available at the Amber Lake
-        Some texts were revised
-        ‚Waggler-Rig‘ was renamed to ‘Match-Rig’.
-        To determine the bottom texture and the depth of a water body at a given position, the Marker Rod was added. Marker Rods, Marker Lead and Marker Floats can be purchased in the shops. The Marker Rod can be used simultaneously to the 3 fishing rods and the Spod Rod
-        A 5th Hot Key was added to allow faster access to items
-        The price of some reel models was reduced
-        The shops offer new spinning and baitcast reels
-        For all Feeder and Picker Rods, quiver tips of different size are available
-        Loop Rig, Paternoster Rig, Inline Rig and Basic Bottom Rig can now be equipped with both feed baskets and swivel-leads
-        The old Method Feeder Rig is not available anymore
-        New Carp Rigs were implemented. For Float Fishing, these are the "Carp Hair Rig" and the "Carp Pop Up Rig". For Bottom Fishing, these are the "Classic Hair Rig", "Snowman Rig", "Classic Pop Up", "Classic Method", "Pop Up Method", "Chod Rig", Hinged Stiff Rig" and "Maggot Rig".
-        Carp Rigs feature new bait mounting possibilities. Different rigs offer different bait combinations
-        Carp Hooks and Lead Cores are available in the shop
-        Boilies can now be used with Carp Rigs exclusively
-        New baits were implemented: Nuts, Pop Up Boilies, Pellets, and artificial corn. These baits are used in Carp Rigs
-        Additional aroma dips are available
-        Leaders are divided in the categories Normal, Feeder, and Hinged. Normal leaders are used for float and spinning rigs. Feeder leaders are used for bottom and float carp rigs. Hinged leaders can only be used for Hinged Stiff Rings
-        All three leader categories can be crafted by the player
-        The shops offer various leader materials. These material can be used for crafting leaders
-        New feeder baskets and inline leads were added
-        The offer for additives and aromas in the shops was broadened
-        Boilies and pellets can be used as additives when crafting ground baits
-        Boilies can now be crushed in the crafting section. A BaitGrinder and 25 boilies are required. The resulting additive can be used to create several different ground baits
-        The quantity of generated ground baits is now dependent on the quantity of the starting materials
-        The Throwing Stick can be used to cast boilies to far distances
-        The slingshot can be used to cast boilies and pellets to medium distances
-        PVA Stringers can now be created in the crafting section. PVA strings and boilies are required. These PVA Stringers serve as alternatives to baiting with boilies and pellets with the throwing stick or the slingshot
-        The Dry Mix receipt was added to bait crafting. The resulting dry feed mix can be used to generate PVA sticks, and can be applied with feeding rockets
-        The PVA Stick receipt was changed. Now, PVA material and Dry Mix is required
-        The new Feeding Rockets are divided in two categories. Open (SPOD) and closed (SPOMB). Closed rockets are designed for applying Dry Mix
-        New Feeding Rockets are available in the shop
-        Ground baits are categorized: Dry Mix is used to filling PVA sticks and feeding rockets, Wet Mix is suitable for application with feeder baskets and manual casting
-        The sound of a feeding rocket, or a ground bait, hitting the water surface generates an additional positive luring effect
-        The fish biting animations at float and bottom rigs were revised
-        For improved bite recognition during trolling, the sound level of the boat motor is reduced when the fish activates the reel brake
-        Some new achievements were implemented
-        The categories in the shop were newly grouped
-        The display window for showing the catch was revised
-        Pressing the Hot Key "V" now provides quick access not only to the rod settings, but also to the settings of other items in your hand
-        Turkish game translation was added
-        Japan was added as new registration region
-        The skill tree for float and bottom fishing was changed
-        Performance on Volkov and Mosquito lake has been optimized
-        All skill points were resetted
-    Trophy weight for Wild Carp has been raised
-    Maximum test for some match rods has been raised


RF4 - Team 

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