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PVA bugs


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So on my screen, top left when i pick up rod tells me I have 55 pva peices, 5 fishes later, still shows 55 peices but when i press V to look at my setup, it shows I do not have any pva on the setup at all. Not sure if this is new or not, I do not do much bottom fishing

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Hey guys,


I was able to replicate the PVA bug today, I will upload some images/screenshots: rod in hand reeling in the fish, shows the PVA, but I am sure that I did not put that PVA on the rod(using 20grams on the middle rod only), so on this rod I should have 10grams PVA, I am sure I have removed the PVA from rod before casting in the water. After the fish was in the net, the number of PVA shown in the top left corner was changed, but using V as description of the setup, I do not have the PVA in the PVA slot.


First 2 screenshots: reeling in the fish.
Last 2: after the fish was in the net.





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