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Patchnotes 18/05/22


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Patchnotes 18/05/22:

  • On the reservoirs of Old Burg, Bear Lake and Amber Lake there are automatic machines for mixing bait mixtures. To make bait in such a machine, you do not need a special skill, and any bait components are always in stock.
  • On the reservoirs of Lake Kuori, Akhtuba River and Tunguska River, there are shops called "Homemade Lures", in which you can buy handmade lures.
  • Implemented the ability to make a lure without using hooks.
  • The UI for moving to another body of water has been redesigned.
  • Implemented the ability to purchase perpetual unlimited access to a reservoir. The purchase of such access removes the level limit and cancels the fee for moving to the reservoir.
  • Restored the ability to communicate in all public chat channels.
  • A new home region has been added to the game - Italy.
  • Implemented localization of the game into Italian.


Dear players,



With this recent update we are reacting directly to a common feedback, that a lot of RF4's content is very hard to reach for players that have limited time to play. As often, when trying to make balancing decisions in a game with a very diverse audience, some of these changes are compromises.


The option to buy access to higher level water bodies will offer players with little time more things to explore, but also bears the risk of being under leveled. Please use this function with caution. Targeting heavy fish with low level equipment can lead to frustrating experiences or even breakage of rods and reels. At the same time we do not want future water bodies to be locked behind a level wall that some players will never be able to overcome.


A natural progression through the game will always be the best option, as you gather experience that will help you on more demanding water bodies. If you are short on time and decide to visit a water body early, make sure to use our official platforms or the many helpful communities out there to gather some tips and tricks.


Tight Lines!

Your RF4 Team

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