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Welcome to Summer Stream

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Welcome to Summer Stream 2022:

Greetings anglers,


We will be having a live stream event at https://www.twitch.tv/rf4admin. In this event you will be able to compete against the moderation team! There will be prizes and giveaways. Please see the details below.


RF4 Team

Scheduling and Details:

Event Start: Saturday 21/5 5:00 PM CEST / 11:00 AM EST


Event Format:

In this event we will hold a two hour max weight competition. Should the players keep the mods out of the top 5 spots, there will be 5 prizes issued. If the players do not only three will be given.


1st place: 30 gold, 5000 silver, 10 days premium

2nd place: 15 gold, 2500 silver, 5 days premium

3rd place: 7 gold, 1250 silver, 3 days premium

4th place: 1000 silver, 2 days premium

5th place: 500 silver, 1 day premium


Additionally, at the start of the stream we will announce 4 species. Should a trophy of these species be caught a wheel will be spun to select a giveaway prize. This can only occur once per species, must happen within the competition. Potential prizes below:


  • Tagara 10000
  • Legacy TI 13-4.50
  • 15 gold
  • 1000 silver
  • 500 silver
  • 250 silver
  • 3 days premium
  • 2 days premium
  • 1 day premium
  • 30 mole crickets
  • 30 rhino beetle larvae


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