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Teams and Team Tournaments Guide


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How to create a team on the website:

When creating a team, you need to come up with a team name and a tag for your team. The naming rules are as follows:


  • Characters in the name of the team or tag must be in the Latin layout, do not add numbers and symbols, except for letters and spaces
  • Team name can be from 6 to 25 characters, tag - from 3 to 5 characters. The tag is an abbreviated name for the team. If the player enters a word with spaces at the end in the name or tag field, they will automatically cut off. Also, several spaces in the middle of the name or tag are replaced by one
  • The name and tag of the team must be –unique, there cannot be two identical names or tags on the server. It also allows you to quickly find the desired team in the "Search team" menu. To do this, it will be enough to enter part of the name or tag in the search bar
  • It is forbidden to use names and tags that promote drugs, racism, fascism, sexism or pornographic nature, expressing cruelty and violence, containing obscene or rude expressions, as well as names and tags that are associated with any official representatives from RF4 or Fish Soft, LLC and duplicate tournament names. In case of violation of this rule, the name and / or tag will be changed by the administration


Team members can have one of three ranks: captain, assistant and player.

  • Captain is a unique rank. He creates a team and performs all administrative functions. The captain cannot leave the team or appoint a new captain in his place. Only the captain can disband the team.
  • The assistant can register a team for the tournament, accept and reject applications, close the acceptance of applications for the team and dismiss participants. The assistant cannot change ranks.
  • The player does not have any administrative functions in the team.


Initially, there are no level restrictions for admission to the team. The captain can set it through the "Minimum Player Level" option. After that, players with insufficient levels will not be able to apply to this team.


Creating a team requires a one time payment of 5 gold. There are no regular payments for the maintenance of the team.


The team level indicates the maximum number of players in it. Once created, a team has 1 level and can hold 10 players. In the future, the number of team members can be increased through the "Raise team level" option. This can be done 2 times, each level up costs 5 gold and increases the maximum number of players in the team by 5. Thus, the maximum team capacity is 20 players.


With regard to the transition from team to team, the following rule applies:

  • If a player leaves a team or was expelled from it, then he will not be able to join another team during the next 72 real hours. But there are two exceptions to this rule:
    • Disbandment of the team by the captain. In this case, players from the disbanded team can immediately apply to other teams
    • A player who left someone else's team can immediately create their own.


The teams are region locked because there will be both international and region specific tournaments.

How to register for a team tournament:

Only the captain and assistant can register team members in the team tournament.


In the conditions of the team tournament, an additional parameter is indicated - the possible number of players per team. Such a composition of team members is called a “squad”, and several squads from one team can take part in a tournament at once. Example: if the conditions of the tournament indicate “The number of players in the squad is 5”, then a team of 20 people can put up 4 squads for the tournament. In the list of participants registered for the tournament, they will be marked as "Squad #1, Squad #2", etc.


The leader of the squad composition for the tournament is the captain or assistant. When applying for a tournament, the Assistant/Captain puts a tick in front of the names of those players whom he wants to register to participate in the competition in his squad.


The captain/assistant represents only his own selected squad in the tournament and cannot be the leader of several squads at once. There can be only one captain or assistant in the squad - this is the leader of the squad. It is forbidden to have more than one assistant in the line-up. Accordingly, it is important for management to maintain a balance of ranks in their team, it makes no sense to appoint many assistants.


The leader is responsible only for his line-up, i.e., for example, he cannot remove another line-up from registration for the tournament or make changes to it.


Before the start of the tournament, the squad leader can make changes to his registered roster (unregister, replace players), after the start of the tournament, roster changes are no longer possible.


Every team player can only be a member of one squad in the tournament. But if there are several team tournaments, then the leader can register lineups simultaneously in all available competitions. Also, simultaneously with team tournaments, team players can participate in both individual tournaments and in-game competitions.


Start of the tournament:

  • Once the tournament has started, the status on the website will change to "Started" and you will receive an in-game notification
  • The player does not have to be in the game at the start of the tournament.
  • Fish that have been hooked before the start of the tournament will not be used for the evaluation of the results.


 All the fish you caught during the tournament will be counted. You do not need to keep them in your inventory.


The tournaments results will be published on the following Monday. Claims for counting are accepted within 24 hours after the results are published.


The awards are issued to the winners within 3 working days after the publication of the results.


Best regards,

Your RF4 Team

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