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Junior Tournament 20/08 - 21/08 [Level 1-25]

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Junior Tournament - Schedule

Registration Start: Monday 15/08 03:25 AM EDT / 15/08 09:25 CEST

Start: Saturday 20/08 08:00 AM EDT / 20/08 14:00 CEST

End: Sunday 21/08 08:00 AM EDT / 21/08 14:00 CEST

Junior Tournament - Details:

Catch the 3 largest Crucian Carp on Mosquito Lake.


Only players using a standalone client can participate. 


Level span: 1 to 25

Waterbody: Mosquito Lake

Baits that can be used: Worm, Redworm, Maggot, Bread Dough, Sweet Dough

Target Fish: Crucian Carp - maximum weight of 3 biggest catches


Read the guide "RF4 standalone/client forum tournaments." before participating:


How to transfer to standalone:


Suggestions / Questions for tournaments can be made here:


Junior Tournament - Prizes:

1st place:
Medal + Syberia Sabre 60s reel + 10 days of Premium
2nd - 5th place: Syberia Sabre 60s reel + 5 days of Premium
6th - 10th place: 500 Silver + 5 days of Premium


Your FishSoft Team

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