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Just wanted to know a thing


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In the tournaments you explain that the biggest fish of a species is awarded 10k points.
The second biggest fish of the same species is awarded 9k points.

U use a 10 kg pike as an example.

Now this example doesn't really tell if the points given are based on the weight or % from the biggest fish.

If biggest pike is 9 kg it should mean that it is awarded 10k points.
If the second biggest pike is 8 kg does that mean it is given:

A. 9000 points because it's the second biggest pike
B. 8888 points because that is how close it was the biggest fish in terms of %.

With kind regards Gropis.

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Example for one species:

Team 1 Pike 10 kg, 10000 points (Largest Caught in this Tournament)

Team 2 Pike 9 kg, 9000 points

Team 3 Pike 8 kg, 8000 points 


This quote was taken from the following link 


As you see here. it not ONLY says 9,000 points for 2nd biggest but is ALSO says 9kg for the weight of 2nd biggest. I am using 2nd for example. But as you see they do lists weights to give you a idea of the formula. So if biggest is 10kg and 2nd biggest is 9kg then yes the 2nd place would get 9,000 points. however the value is representative of the total value. So if for example you had a 9.5 Kg Pike. then you would in turn be awarded 95% of the total value of points. I do hope my answer has helped a little. And cya in the next comp 🙂

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