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Borderless windows


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Long story short: please implement borderless window mode into the game.


I would love to have borderless windowed mode, because I have a double display setup, I usually play rf4 on my TV, and doing other stuff on my monitor.

Every time I click on my monitor, the game minimizes. Pretty annoying. Yes I can hear the sound of the bitealarm, but nowdays I do a lot of float-fishing, and I would like to be able to see the game non-stop.

I tried a lot of 3rd party programs to force the game into borderless window mode, but unfortunatelly, non of them working on my setup. (My secondary display, the TV is on the left, and my main display, the monitor is on the right, for some reason, "Borderless gaming", "windowed borderless gaming" etc third party programs can't handle it)

I also tried to start the rf4_x64.exe with -popupwindow (because it's unity based) but it immediately exits after start. I guess you can only start the game from the launcher, cause that possibly fires up some other processes like anti-cheat, and without it the game closing itself.


In case anybody have a solution for this, don't keep it a secret 😄



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ALT+ENTER only makes it windowed unfortunately, and by that I can't see the bottom part of the game, for example the tension bar, and entering windowed mode puts the window back to my main display. So have to manually put it back to other display alt+enter again... etc. Constantly alt+enter whenever I go back to game window would also be annoying by itself tho. 😄
But ofc thanks for the advice.

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