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RF4 standalone/client forum tournaments


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Short guide for RF4 standalone/client forum tournaments.



  • Players need to login/register on the "Russian Fishing 4" page to take part in the forum tournaments.
  • Only players who play through the RF4 official standalone clients can participate in these tournaments.


1.To enter the standalone forum tournament, you need to login  on the game page (https://rf4game.com/) in the category "My Account". (please see below):




 2.On the "Forum Tournaments" card you will find another selection menu that you can use to register for each tournament.(please see below):




  • This tab/card also contains all other important information about each tournament. 
  • The following information for tournament are displayed: title, start time, duration, number of registered participants, tournament status, tournament description, conditions and awards.


  • Players will receive an in-game notifications for the following processes: creation of the tournament, opening the registration, start and end of the tournament.
  • As soon as the status of the respective tournament on the website changes to "Started", all fish that are caught are evaluated. All fish that caught before and after the tournament period are not listed in the evaluations and won’t be taken into the account.
  • All fish caught during the tournament can be sold or otherwise used. The calculation is done automatically after catching the fish and you can also take part in other tournaments, events or different competitions.
  • After the tournament has ended, admins check the results within 24 hours and publish them on the website and on the forum.
  • Complaints about the calculation will be accepted within 24 hours after the results are published.
  • The award to the winners will take place within 3 working days after publication of the results.
  • The calendar system on the forum is directly connected to the tournament system. In addition, streamers and players can also use the calendar for their own events.
    • The calendar system is not to be used to post questions. Please use the appropriate forum topic for that.
  • The published tournaments can be created globally, regionally or across multiple regions.
  • Note: These tools are in the test phase. Therefore bugs or error messages can arise.


RF4 Team

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