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Feeder questions

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1- Does all the feeders release the groundbait at the same rate?  since some are more open than others.

2- Is there only one feeder suitable for river fishing?

3- All feeders have the same effect to the fish or some feeders are better for some species ?

4- What those stars mean on the feeders is the higher ones more durable or they are better for catching fish?


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Hi @colaquente_rf4, sry for the late answer.

1. Just regarding the time of releasing the content, they are all the same. 

2. There are feeders better suited for rivers and it says so in the describtions. Every feeder can be used in rivers though.

3. They are not better for some species, but for some conditions like type of water body or longer casting.

4. The star rating influences a lot of things.
The higher the rating:

- the less visible the feeder is to fish

- the better aerodynamics it has got (longer casting)

- the longer and more intensive it will attract fish to the spot

- the less tear it causes on the line

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