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Tournament Changes

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Hello players,


As some of you might have noticed, we are using a new tournament system for our competitions and challenges. This tournament system is for standalone clients only and gives us greater control over events, providing us with more options to create more unique and challenging events.  Because of this new system, some of our regular offerings like the Weekly Fish challenge are no longer being used. The reason for this is that we now have a way to create events of any type we want to make them more fun and engaging There will still be challenges and events, but they will all be driven through the new forum tournament system.


If you have ideas for an event, please post them in our suggestions thread. Who knows, your idea might get used in an upcoming event!


If you are a Steam player and wish to participate, all you must do is transfer to the client. Send a mail to transfer@rf4game.com expressing your interest and you will receive a mail back with detailed instructions on how to proceed.


Thank you,

Your RF4 Team

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