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Yes, partly.


The Match rig will give you the most experience boost for Match rods, and Bolognese rig the most for Bolognese rods.

Sbirolino on the other side, does not have exp bonus.


All Feeder, Picker and Carp rods does not have an exp bonus on their rigs, but higher tier rods do so.

Carp rods will give you the most bonus exp.

On spinning, rods will give no bonus exp, but rigs do.

Base EXP:
Classic Lure rig
Jig Rig

Bonus EXP Rigs (Every tier upgrade has an increased exp value):
Kick Back Rig
Drop Shot
Texas / Carolina Rig
Wacky Rig
Jerk Rig (Highest EXP Bonus)


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