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Biterate nerfed too much

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I play this game 600 hours, and developers told us if we fish in one spot it gets inactive. I fish on amber and first hour of the day its happy times, fish is biting everything is great.

Second hour  comes I get 60% less fish bites.

Third hour comes I get 90% less fish bites.

I can switch position, switch map, switch whole rigs, no bites.

Every player I know is experiencing same issue.

So please guys you changed bite rate again, it's nerfed even harder  now like never before.

Can you at least give us some fighting chance to earn silver while fishing? Thank you! Return old settings back. 

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Same problem.   Some example--
I see than lot of players caught Russian sturg trophy. But when i used 200 mussel and 200 rhino i caught 2  47kg...converted to irl time 60-70 hour..(100:57)
Bighead spot is active again on 142 and 28. Some players caught 4-5 trophy in 3 hour IRL time..i sit on spots 6-7 hour and only one trophy...

Grass carp spot on 21:67. I started last week the tour...I sit in this spot daily 5-7 hour and i caught ONLY ONE CRUCIAN carp tropfy...pathetic. Someone sit on 30 min and he get 2 Grass/Black carp trophy. Yesterday i caught 27,774 kg Black Carp....
Archipelago very bad in the last 2 months. (Not only for me)
These are just a few recent examples but this is true for almost all fish and spots. It would be nice if something happened because a lot of players lose their interest in the game with this many minus rng.

I've been experiencing this ever since I don't have a steam account but use the launcher.

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It seems like it, then again I went to Kuori today and filled the net within an hour. Not the place I like to fish but it was crazy fish after fish. Another player in our channel was at Archi and could hardly make enough silver cover the boat ticket. Not sure if it has been nerfed or just swapped over to other maps and fish.

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