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Norwegian sea [Level 34+]

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Water body Info:


The Norwegian Sea
Located on the border between the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, the Norwegian Sea is extremely popular with sea fishing enthusiasts. Ice-free all year round, it is home to a wide variety of fish species. Fishing in these areas is demanding but the opportunity to catch a rare trophy more than pays for the effort.


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SJK Fishing Trips

Trip Number 6


Hey everyone, I would like to share my fishing journey of any spots I travel to. Today we are fishing for EVERYTHING at spot 55m Hole (H6). We used Pilking.








Fish of the trip:




Considering the map only released yesterday, haven't had much time to fish the lake or explore so this was our 2nd trip for 1 hour at the 55m hole and it actually turned out pretty good! I'm more here to increase the skill rather than earn silver, as long as i make enough for the boat trip I'm happy but we actually made 700 silver from this trip for 1 hour of fishing and even without the cost of the trophy it was still pretty good considering everything is unknown.

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Some numbers and thoughts for the first week:


110 hours

~2700 fish caught (2499 pilker, 165 boat rod and some bottom with carp rods) 

Been paid 31.000 silver (no trophy nor order included, and all mackerel and most saithe became bait)


I can't say how much it has costed me in gear wear for all the various reels and rods that have been used

but the 33% Triumph mech alone came with a 12.000:- bill.

Add to that a whole bunch of boat tickets and I start to wonder how many hours it will take me just to cover

the cost of the equipment and break even on this map.


I'm having a really good time doing it though 🙂 

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Posted (edited)

@TpCatch - RF4


Do you have any tips you can share for catching sharks, opah, swordfish and tuna? Really struggling at the minute, I look at the records and try to use the exact same lures and 2/3 hours at a spot and nothing (picture below)


Since the nerfs in the previous updates the map just doesn't seem viable to use a 100k set up in terms of repairs, boat tickets and damages to lures, which is why lots of people returned back to a level 27 map to farm silver. Surely a level 34 map should be providing more consistency than a level 27 map?


I fully understand AND appreciate the mechanics are probably different to a lake, as it's the sea and it seems everything is just bycatch at the minute, it seems impossible to target certain fish, which is why the hotspot page doesn't include this map, is this the case?


Is it also a case that the fish I mentioned above are just rare?


But yea, any info you can provide that could maybe help us would be great. Keep up the good work.







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