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How to report a technical problem correclty - Standalone


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How to report a technical problem in the right way and what is needed?


Dear anglers,

if you have problems with the game, e.g. crashes, malfunctions, strange issues, please use the repair function(Checking game files) integrated in the launcher first:



If the problems persist, then we need a detailed description of your error/problem and your log files.

  • What exactly happened?
  • When? How often?
  • What have you done so far to find or fix the error?
  • Your log files and your ingame name.



How to get your log files ?

To create these files, please quit the game after an error occured, open the launcher and start the diagnostics via the cogwheel menu:




Then the diagnosis is being executed and all important informations are collected (duration is depending on the system between 5 and 15 minutes):




and saved in a .7z file on your desktop:


Please send us this file for further analysis by e-mail to support@rf4game.com.



Tight lines!
FishSoft Team

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