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How to report a technical problem correclty - Steam


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How to report a technical problem in the right way and what is needed?


Dear anglers,

In order to solve your problems as soon as possible, we need a detailed description of your error/problem.


  • What exactly happened?
  • When? How often?
  • What have you done so far to find or fix the error?
  • Your log files and your ingame name.


How to get your log files ?

First, after an error occured, close the game, save the following tool ReportErrorV10_.batand run it as administrator.

The tool needs up to 15 minutes, depending on your system, to collect all necessary data.


Please do not start the game while the tool is still running.
After the tool completes the .txt file, please send it by email to support@rf4game.com


The generated log file MUST end in .txt, otherwise it is incomplete!


Tight Lines!
FishSoft team


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