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Technical FAQs


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Technical FAQs

Problems with the game:

  • General approach to technical problems with the game

Check if your computer meets the minimum requirements: https://rf4game.com/download/

Perform the game files integrity check:

Create a log file:

Please send logfiles along with a description of the problem to support@rf4game.com

  • You are experiencing a disconnections/network problems:

Network and connection problems:


  • Game does not Update:

Game does not Update:



  • Game does not start or crashes

Game does not start or crashes


  • The game crashes sometimes (old AMD graphics card):


  • Update downloads slowly

If you have problems downloading the update (slow speed or other difficulties):

-Start the game client as administrator.
-Go to the launcher options (cogwheel in the upper right corner) and switch the "download method" option from "torrents + http" to just "http" and restart the client(or vice versa).


Slow download speeds can be caused by the capabilities of your internet connection.

  • I have found a bug in the game, what can I do about it?

Russian Fishing 4 is an game that is still under development. We are aware that there are bugs in the game and the team is working to make sure that there are fewer and fewer of them as time goes by.
Bugs in the game can be reported in the appropriate forum section: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/forum/243-bug-reports/


  • How to change your profile picture/Profile picture does not change:


  • Character moves on its own:


  • How to take a screnshot

To take a screenshot press f12 on the keyboard, you will see a blue window, with the path where the screenshot was saved.

  • How can I change my region in the game(only for players with the standalone RF4 launcher)?

The request to change the region should be sent to the email admin@rf4game.com from the address assigned to the account in the game.


  • Create a log file:


  • Transfer from Steam to the standalone version:


  • Steam: Payment problems

If you have problems with the Gold/Premium purchase on Steam (payment process does not start correctly), please check the following settings:

1. Under "Steam/Settings/In-Game" the following should be enabled:


2. and for the game itself, right-click on Properties and tick the following:


Tight lines!

FishSoft Team

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