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IP blocked please help


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I have been having this problem for about a week now that when i try to login through steam (where my account is)

It comes up with 'IP address blocked please wait 15 min or contact support' ,but its been a week now and i still 

have not found any answers of any kind. I am situated in southern UK and I run on WIFI.


P.S this has happened after I went to do some errands while leaving my game afk for about 30 min.

I think it might be "suspicious activity" but I do not use any cheats/hacks of any kind.




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1 hour ago, m1al0 said:

It started about 1 week ago and its been blocked since it started.

I've tried to change router and I've restarted my router router multiple times.

I've Flushed my DNS memory and changed my DNS server. And I do NOT have a VPN enabled.


my RF4 name is      m1al0_ 




OutputLog_DESKTOP-EQ3S1H2_20230522125356.txt 173.58 kB · 1 download

Im sorry this is the .txt file:


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They responded with:


There is nothing we can do. I cannot lift an IP block. If you wait 30 minutes and it does not resolve itself then I cannot assist. You can try using a VPN or connecting through another service like using your cell phone as a hot spot, but there is nothing I can do about the IP block itself.

Thank you.



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