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RF4 Annual Cup 2023 - Qualification


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RF4 Annual Cup 2023

Hello anglers,
Welcome to the fourth edition of the annual RF4 World Cup 2023.


Tournament schedule:

- Qualification round: Sep 29 - Oct 01. 2023 | The best 50 players qualify

- Semi-final: Oct 06 - Oct 08. 2023 | The best 20 players qualify

- Final: Oct 13. - Oct 15. 2023  | High-end prizes


Catch the specified fish species in the designated weight range

The winner will be determined in the following order:
1. According to the number of fish species caught.
2. The sum of the points from the maximum weight of each fish caught in the competition.


To calculate the points for each type of fish caught by the players of the tournament, the maximum weight of fish species caught is determined, which is then set at a value of exactly 10,000 points.
So the player with the biggest fish caught of that species within the limitations set by the tournament rules will gain 10,000 points for that fish. Every fish caught by other players will then grant points on a percentual basis depending on how much percentage they weigh compared to the biggest fish.


Example for one species:
Player 1 10kg 10000 points (Largest Caught in this Tournament)
Player 2 9kg 9000 points (as in 90% of 10kg thus 90% of 10000 points)
Player 3 8.4kg 8400 points (as in 84% of 10kg thus 84% of 10000 points)


The Tournament will take place in all the regions except : CN and RU



Waterbody: Old Burg Lake
Task : Catch the specificied fish species in the designated weight range

Bream : from 2000g to 5000g
Perch : from 1200g to 2500g
Eel : from 1500g to 5000g
Pike : from 4000g to 10000g 
Tench  :  from 2500g to 5000g


Qualification round:

Registry start: 
tournament start
Tournament ends:


22 September    18:00 CEST / 12:00 EST
29 September    08:00 CEST / 2:00 EST
01 October          22.00 CEST / 16:00 EST
Standalone, all regions except RU / CN



Qualification round:

Top 50: 1000 silver




Registration is done through the Official Website at :
-> "My Russian Fishing"
-> "Standalone Tournaments"


Read the guide "RF4 standalone/client forum tournaments" before participating.

Standalone Transfer:



  1. Prizes will be paid out within 3 days after the evaluation of the tournament
  2. You receive the prizes as ingame message from "Russian Fishing 4" Account
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