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Weekend Marathon #4 !!! 9th and 10th May 2020

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Again, it's time for another Streamer Feature Weekend Marathon!!  


Over the weekend, we will be featuring some of your favorite streamers, and introducing some new talents.

We will also be holding a two hour "staff vs streamer" competition including a question and answer section.

The competition will give you a chance to cheer for your favorite stream personalities, and help them earn more prizes which will be handed out over the weekend.

The place will be Seversky Donets, there will be 5 members per team, going for most amount of different species caught in 2 hours.

If the streamer team wins, the staff will add an additional giveaway prize to each Streamer for the marathon.


On top of this, each streamer will have a 'Trophy Scratch and Win' card.


Example Card!





Each streamer begins their stream with a fresh new card.

Fish that are NOT scratched off DO NOT carry on to the next card

Fish have to be caught in the in game channel formed for this game.

The Player is responsible for alerting that current streamer either by in-game message, or message on the streaming forum, Twitch channel, etc.

In-game channel for this event will be  "MarathonChannel"

Only the First person to catch each Trophy featured on any card will win that prize.

Prizes include; Premium, Silver, Gold, and In Game Items!

Prizes will be sent to the character who caught the trophy, no exchanges, substitutions or refunds!

Scratch and Win and competition prizes will be given out starting on the following Monday, and may take 96 hours.


If you are an RF4 streamer who wishes to take part in the "staff vs streamer" challenge, please message worminator either in game, on discord or forums.







For chance of inclusion on RF4 streamer events, and in game announcements about your stream, check out our Content Creator Support post
















Elwoodiath as host for RF4 Event



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All scratch card prizes have now been given out.

If you won gear on a scratch card, please check in your inventory (not in the mail)


andrei flosi            1500 silver + 3 days
architectino            5 days Premium    
Bashire                5 days Premium        
bomarstiim            5 days Premium            
bRDeAtHAnGeL            5 days Premium            
Budokai             1,000 Silver + 3 days         
casag                2,000 Silver + 3 days    
Catafesta            4,000 Silver + 3 days    
cenzura3            1,000 Silver + 3 days
chacha_kazo            10 Gold        
chancholovsky5552246816VikRu    Zeiman Zero ZHS-R            
C0C00N                5 days Premium        
Cyolanu                500 silver + 3 days        
Dizzybadger            Bunessan Picker Rod PF98XH    
EndZone                3,000 Silver + 5 days    
enter chikara            10 days Premium    
Fensor                3,000 Silver + 3 days            
filipefle25            15 Gold        
finotti52            15 Gold + 7 day        
Gunde                500 Silver + 3 days        
hellas                 2000 silver        
jack94                5 days Premium                
Jeremy Wad            Natora 8K + 5 days Premium  
JohnFitz            10 Gold
Jonne                2000 silver + 5 days            
justincider            5 days Premium        
kakkoiianku            Zeiman Classic ZC70            
Karaduki            2,500 + 5 days        
Kcob                500 Silver + 5 days
LocdogNL            1,000 Silver + 3 days        
lol_mrgoodkat            5 days premium    
lowby                 1000 silver + 8 days    
MacooDK                3000 silver + 3 days            
Nenad95                7 days Premium    
nefelin2707            5 days Premium        
Pjfoxssj            5 days Premium               
Pocabrasil            1,000 Silver + 3 days    
razzzia                2,000 Silver + 3 days    
REXp                15 Gold + 2,000 Silver + 3 days
qfx space            5 days Premium        
Quirino                Overlord 87      
RedDevil86            3,000 Silver + 5 days    
Rly17                1000 Silver         
R0pescar            5 days Premium    
Sale Zoom            5 days Premium
shocker                5 days Premium
ShrimpGumbo            5 days Premium        
SM4                2,000 Silver    
souschef2403            zeiman overlord 87 + 4000 silver + 3 days        
sornjaca             500 Silver
Sr.Greens            5 days Premium    
steveslures            5 days premium    
trytura                1,500 Silver
viktorprj             5,000 Silver + 5 days    
Winged_Venger            13 days Premium
ydw074812            Steelness ZMS60    
zapolla                1,000 Silver + 3 days    


RF4 Comp
RodSchneider        15G 7 Days Premium 3000 Silver
malai65            10G 3 Days Premium 2000 Silver
Lowby            5G  1 Days Premium 1000 Silver                   



If you believe that you won a prize, and have not received it, please contact admin@rf4game.com noting your in game character name, which streamer ran the card, and which prize you believe you won.


Thank you to all streamers for your time, and to all the players for taking part.

This was the most successful Marathon event so far, with more prizes given out, and more viewers on stream.  Most streamers saw an average well over 100 viewers during their streams!  Congrats!

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