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Conventional Reel and Features

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Conventional Reels


Dual Gear Ratios:

The new Heavy Conventional Reels have 2 gear ratios. The lower ratio has more force, and the higher gear ratio has more speed. The higher ratio is used for lure presentation and fighting active fish. The lower gear ratio is used for fighting larger slow moving fish, or finishing the fight on large active fish when their stamina is depleted.


You can switch the gear ratio with CTRL + Space


Physical Differences:

Conventional reels have a similar braking force to classic bait casters so what makes them special? They are heavier duty. The spools can hold more line, and additionally the breaking strain on the spool is typically more than a similarly sized classic baitcaster. Also due to better manufacture the gear wear is less. The difference in gearing can also reduce casting distance especially on heavier models.


Are they better?:

Conventional reels have advantages, but they are best for heavier fishing. If you are looking for long casting distances and faster retrieves - classic baitcasters may be a better choice. If you want to haul monsters, conventional reels may be better - especially if trolling.



The right environment is to use the strong conventional reels for heavy saltwater fishing, where they can shine. Because of their strong mechanism, line capacity and second gear ratio, they are the best in slot for middle and heavy boat rods.

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