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Forum Weekend Tournament Level 34+

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Forum Weekend Tournament Level 34+



The tournament will take place in the following regions: EN, US, DE, FR, PL

The tournament is playable for all players from 34+ including level 34


Registration Start: Tuesday 10/08 1200 EST / 1800 pm CEST

Start: Friday 14/08 1300 EST / 1900 pm CEST

End: Sunday 16/08 1300 pm EST / 1900 pm CEST


Result calculation:

Catch the specified fish species within the tournament time frame. The combined difference is evaluated

The difference between the sum of the weight of the smallest and largest fish species at the specified quantity is scored. Example: Sum of 3 lagest Taimen - Sum of 3 smallest Perch
The required species will be available on the website three days before the tournament starts. 

Min.participant requirements: 30


Read the guide "RF4 standalone/client forum tournaments." before participating.


Questions about the standalone tournaments can be asked here:


Suggestions for tournaments can be made here:




1st place: 5000 silver + 15 gold coins + 7 days premium

2nd place: 4000 silver + 13 gold coins + 6 days premium

3rd place: 3500 silver + 8 gold coins + 5 days premium

4th place: 3000 silver + 6 gold coins + 3 days premium

5th - 7th place: 2500 silver + 4 gold coins + 3 days premium
8th - 10th place: 1000 silver + 2 gold coins + 5 days premium
11th - 20th place: 3 days premium

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