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EU - Tournament Titan (level 22-35)

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Greetings Pro Angler!


You have come a long way since your humble beginnings with the rusty Spark reel. No obstacle could keep you from becoming a professional and even failure only enriched your wealth of experience. With patience, skill and an iron will, you have perfected your fighting technique and fine-tuned your equipment down to the last detail. Today you are a true master of all disciplines, you can read water bodies and even lead other anglers to the fish.


But can you access all of these things under competitive conditions? Is Peter really your buddy or will he turn out to be a bad friend at the crucial moment? Welcome to the Tournament of Titans! In this pro-tournament you will have to put all your experience and every kilo of load capacity into the balance in order to be able to wear the prestigious medal at the end. Because even if high-quality prizes are tempting, this is about more! Those who can prove themselves under these conditions will rightfully earn fame. So grease the gears again and pack the secret bait.


Meet you by the river!

Registration Start: Wednesday 10/06 12:00 EST / 10/06 18:00 CEST

Competition Start: Friday10/09 12:00 EST / 10/09 18:00 CEST

End: Sunday 10/11 12:00 EST /  10/11 18:00 CEST


The tournament will take place in the following regions: Russia, Germany, Japan, Korea, France, Poland, Other Regions (EN), USA and Spain

The tournament is available to all players from level 22 to 35.

Catch 3 fish with maximum weight.

Important: You can fish for just one species or for all of them.

The 3 largest fish caught are scored.

Example A:

Fish species 1 = 10 kg

Fish species 2 = 15 kg

Fish species 3 = 20 kg

Combined weight = 45 kg / heaviest fish = 20 kg

Example B:

Fish species 1 = 10 kg

Fish species 1 = 15 kg

Fish species 3 = 20 kg

Combined weight = 45 kg / heaviest fish = 20 kg

The tournament winners will be determined as follows:

1. Total weight of 3 fish.

2. Maximum weight of a single target fish.


Tournament conditions:

Fish species will be available 3 days before the competition start.

You can catch one or more species, that is up to you.

The 3 largest fish are counted for the calculation of the result.


1st place: Medal + Megara 8000 + 4 gold + 15 days premium

2nd place: Medal + Tagara 10000 + 2 gold + 12 days premium

3rd place: Medal + Evia 8000 + 2 gold + 10 days premium

4th place: 5,000 silver + 7 days premium

5th place: 3,000 silver + 5 days premium

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