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Suggestions Closed Until Further notice thank you for all your suggestions

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Tell us what would you like to see in Russian Fishing 4 in the future. Please look at the list and only add new suggestions to the thread!!

They will be updated to the list and Hidden after they have been added to the list to help keep this thread from getting to out of control again.


  • Spoiler


    • The ability to adjust angle of the rods in holders.
    • Different bit indicators for feeder rods.    Added  3/14/2018
    • The ability to change movement key binds.
    • The ability to have rod key binds toggle. set down/lift.
    • Additional stat next to a gear load and gear wear % showing actual gear durability when there is X % of wear on a gear.
    • Fish to be rendered swimming around.
    • Lower prices on Gold.
      lower prices and time on repairs.
      lower prices on gear in shops.
      lower prices on Premium
    • work on rendering lure animation and physics.
    • better indication of line left on reel.     Added  3/14/2018
    • Add option for pop up message timer. Added October 18
    • Fish activity on the surface of the water.
    • When it's raining, impact of the rain on the water.
    • Add camp light to the quick menu.
    • Auto run feature separate from fast reel.
    • Free look option when holding rod.
    • Ability to name setups,ground baits and custom lures. Added October 18
    • Ability to sell old gear.
    • Ability to customize the Ui.
    • Option to buy set number of things in shops instead of having to click multiple times.
    • A way to see that you already own an item when buying something in store..
    • Better map info on current location.
    • Depth finder and variable speed trolling on the boat.
    • Add a separate volume control for boat engines.
    • Ability to sign into chat anonymously.or block/ignore player.     Added  5/18/2018  ( Blacklist players )
    • Put a scale on the maps: We want to know how many meters are each square.
    • Put some animation in the reel, so we can know how much line still have when catch a big fish.
    • Adding the ability of selecting multiple items to send to other player..
    • Adding the ability of selecting multiple items to discardAdded  6/01/2018
    • Add a "confirm" button before submitting skill points.
    • Auto renew boat license when fish on line.
    • loose Feed casting of baits.
    • Being able to sell crafted bait to stores.
    • Ability to fish with other rods from boat when anchored.
    • Add VR support.
    • Add a log/Record book to track catches.
    • The ability to logout back to the main login screen.
    • Increase stock at stores dramatically.
    • Increase chance to catch specific bait based on the ground /water type and environmental factors like rain, temperature etc.
    • Option to add a leader to the three-way jigging rig?
    • Add lock screen, so on dual monitor setups mouse don't go on other monitor
    • Road map to future of game.
    • Add stats in game money spent/earned.
    • Premium purchasers should get free tackle repairs.
    • Game pad support.
    • Weather conditions on map choice.      Added  5/18/2018 
    • Ability to order items from shop when sold out, so it will be delivered when items arrive. (u pay when putting an order)
    • More stable boats, even when anchored the boat spins to much, trolling with wind is to hard.
    • On screen rod indicator, handy for hard hearing or when trolling. or even when feeders are out range because you looking at other spots with spin/float.
    • storage box in town, to put the less used stuff, this could clean our inventoryAdded  6/01/2018  (Personal storage “House” has been added to the Cottage pond )
    • Repair times to count down even when you are not online playing
    • Hear/see the fish moving near the shore and in the reeds or jumping and plopping when chased by predators. Or jumping from the water when eating insects. Etc.
    • Provide more things to Premium, such as a discount on repairs, maybe a touch more xp in skills and/or leveling experience.Added October 18
    • Open up Bear Lake then we can fish from the other side.
    • GPS, that show us our real position on the map. Added  5/18/2018 Player can view his position and direction on paper maps )
    • Other language Translations.
    • Better description in workshops on what is repaired or replaced.
    • Rotating spools.         Added  3/14/2018
    • Use of Atv's or bikes to get around lakes.
    • Player created campfires.
    • Fly fishing.
    • Wildlife movement in game.
    • Bass fishing.
    • Add possibility to use feeder rods on the boat - stands for feeder rods
    • Competition awareness within the game.
    • Ingame setup which devices plays game sounds.
    • Ingame measurement in lbs/kg and imperial/metric switch choice 
    • Adjust cafe orders to better suit lakes they are on.
    • Smaller graphical representation of boat motor.
    • character choice male/female.
    • Float crafting.
    • Cultivate your baits for example plants in a small greenhouse or worms on land or keep live bait fish in an aquarium .... etc
    • Use of tent which could have many advantages:
      protect your energy from bad weather (rain or storm)
      use it as a save point from your current position when closing the game or making a teleport
      see from it cafe offers and stock in the store to save unnecessary trips or have to close the 
      game every time you want to see the offers and you are too far away or you can not use the boat to return.
    • Limit amount of bait a player can buy/hold at one time.
    • Can the boat be pushed away from the bank ? It gets stuck very easy.
    • More options for floats.
    • Buy a permanent boat.
    • More line choices.
    • Ability to buy a house in towns.
    • Restock Times in shops.
    • kayak that you can rent or buy permanently.
    • Add straight retrieve indicator.
    • Ability to see Quality ( Star Rating) in our inventory.
    • Beluga added in a new large fishing area
    •  clear reference of map distances to meter/feet (map scale)
    •  Function for a secondary sorting of Groundbait for quality and/or stack size remaining
    • Show the name of the person who made handmade lures in our inventory (similar to how it is done now for groundbait)
    • Sort by ingredient type would make it easier to find your ground bait to target specific species
    • Ability to change hooks from quick selection
    • maps sorted on countries and expands the lake and rivers to look like the real ones from accros all Europe, America and other regions and more realistic maps.
    • Reduced repair prices for premium members.
    • Increased silver per catch for premium members.
    • Make player competitions more attractive
    • Add a friend list
    • Waypoints
    • Add free/silver cost/premium only weekly/daily tournaments with special rewards
    • Revalue and reorganize the reels
    • able to adjust the volume of the bells on feeder rods
    • Warning message for the camping light when player is 20 m away. Then lamp is put back in backpack.
    • When a record fish appears in chat it would be great if the lake/river where it was caught was shown.
    • Reduce catfish strength by 100 million times or increase their value significantly. 
    • Please get rid of the groundbait making fails. It's offensive. Contributing nothing to your skill is penalty enough.
    • Crafting your own boilies like groundbait would be great
    • Add more carp rigs and other modern carp things.
    • Ability to use harvested worms and things as loose feed or chop em up throw em in groundbait.
    • carp strength and stamina fix/balance for the gear/weight ratio.
    • carp value and xp gain should be way higher for fight they give.
    • Change the crafting "failures" to reduced quality instead of item loss.
    • Fluorescent bobbers.
    • Reduce the order fish size, many have requirements above the lake record.
    • Add rewards for achievements.
    • Instead of destroying your whole equipment, make it so parts of it are destroyed and allow us to repair it. The first part to reach broken state makes the item impossible to use until repaired.
    • Give an animation for when you land the fish, such as holding it in order for us to have a better idea of the size and take screenshots.   
    • New Fisheries
    • Double anchor, one at the bow and one at the stern, so you don't turn all the time.
    • Remove the chance of a fish fleeing without any reason
    • giving away items a standard / non-premium feature
    • Add weekly CHALLANGING cafe orders which gives increased coins, cash or items.
    • Make events during which a specific fish species has increased trophy chance/size/reward.
      Make short lived in-game daily events showing which fish will have increased fishing rate during that day.(F.E: Salmon Run).
    • Allow players to place items as competition rewards.
    • Add clothes to the store, increasing confort and as consequence max energy/energy recovery.
    • Add an auction house.
    • Add more equipment slots for groundbait/gathering.
    • Remove the chance from common carps biting bread/worms in mosquito lake to avoid punishing beginners so much.
    • Wheat Grains in Farmers Market on Winding Rivulet translation to English  Added  3/24/2018
    • Improve storm graphics.
    • Half the cost of tackle repairs to Premium users
    • Adding a little gold per Premium 'membership' bought

    • Be able to hit G to go back to live view after pressing it to check the fishing rod setup

    • Keep all game sounds active when in menu's or crafting screen's

    • Craft bait variations with the groundbait attractives and flavors

    • Add pop-up tips explaining the risks, such as groundbait, rod types, reels, equipment parts when repairing, how to make a safe rod setup, etc..
    • Also add a button to access the same tips in-game
    • Salt water/sea/beach fishing
    • When you catch a trophy fish, it shows on chat it was a trophy/rare trophy
    • Make ingredient selection on groundbait or bait screen to stick with the last choices you made
    • Combine groundbait of the same make and quality to a single quantity, instead of portions of  10 pieces
    • Make that these new sensors for bottom fishing stop beeping after 3 or 4 times
    • Add volume and number of beeps before it stop
    • Bite indicators not to go off when reeling in your line with Y. Every time I go to tighten line it beeps 4 times
    • Automatically fill the item selection for crafting, unless there is more then one option to select (groundbait)
    • Real time in game pass not like now 1h/1d(in game)
    • Rain falling in water see drops how fall in water with option to enable and disable this from settings for low pc spec
    • Adding lakes/rivers/sea from European/American/Asia continents and country's with possibilities of traveling to different country's using real time (ex: travel from Spain to United kingdom's choose the travel method car 12h irl time/plane 3h irl time) 
    • Choosing a date and hour to start the travel even if players is online or not. And possibility to chose where to go fish in that country (ex: important lake/river/sea not all even fictional names should be ok)
    • Increase fishing rate (after the update is very low almost 50% go down)
    • Option to gift premium/golden coins
    • More premium benefits
    • Dimming of approx. 50%-75%  white light on the Horn would make them easier to read from a distance as they would be blinking instead of just changing color
    • St. Patrick event with green water body color
    • Special type of fish who give u gold coin after selling
    • Icon for new mail and blinking
    • Opportunity to create a group chat with friends      Added  5/18/2018 
    • Introducing the seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter(water freezes and fish pike on hole,made with ice drill)
    • feeder bells changable after being casted out.
    • regulate intensity of light on bite alarms
    • selling our equipment
    • Automatically add ingredients when crafting baits and the option to craft X amount of bait
    • Add exp option when releasing small fish
    • Increase the bite % of larger fish
    • Decrease the bite % of smaller fish
    • Add return fish animation
    • Electric motor for trolling
    • Lower the volume on the horn bite indicators   Added  3/20/2018
    • Able to rename the Ready Made Groundbait stacks
    • A better way of scrolling down to the items we want to send to another player as the scroll item only shows when you mouse the mouse wheel up and down and it's too small
    • Also the ability to select multiple items to send to players
    • Floats for fishing with filet.
    • Make "green flagged" fish easier to catch by them not being as affected by attractiveness as trophies.
    • Add Bears
    • Allow copy and paste in chat
    • Spinning, Feeders,Carp Rods,Picker, etc individual groups into backpack
    • Able to move your head/sight independently
    • Implement higher strength fluorocarbon leaders
    • Hide/Show buttons for each item in the inventory, with a "show hidden" button at the top
    •  Add slot for personal groundbaits
    • A reset cast key
    • Able to locate fish by shadows, air bubbles, splashes
    • Increase "new boilies" catch-ability    Added  3/24/2018
    • Able to get name change in game          Added  5/18/2018 
    • Some sort of mark or stain on ground where you have dug for worms/bugs (bait)
    • Ability to collect mussels with hands when we see them stuck to rocks and stuff
    • Stacking of same items in Inventory "sugar duck bars (10)"  instead of 10 of them in food menu
    • Increase the flashlights radius to match the cameras max field of view
    • Increase the sound level of the two more expensive models 
    • French version Added October 18
    • Change the allowed size of fish used for harvesting to something like the usable range for live bait fish to not flood the game with fish pieces
    •  Change the harvesting fish pieces into a 3 level skill in the tree with lowered failure rate and increased yield as skill develops
    • Add a filtering/sorting option on the fish selection screen to sort by weight and/or remove the valued fish from showing    Added  5/18/2018 
    •  On the player's screen a tab that warns that a competition is running
    • Adding possibility to sitting on chair
    • Show the length and the weight of a fish that is caught
    •  Remove the ability to Use 2 Rods at the same time   Added  4/13/2018 Player no longer can operate a pole placed on the stand if he/she hold anything in the arms )
    •  Remove some skill tree complexity
    • Add the date when each fish was caught in fish statistics
    • A separate list in the Statistics for all of our Trophies
    • Add more low profile reels and stronger ones like a 11kg drag
    • Add confirmation button when buying expensive items
    • More information of caught fish in player statistics
    • Resign button in competition after it has started
    • In game information on where to use certain items.
    •  Remove the directory/folder information when taking a screenshot
    • Add pop up boilies
    • Add a few more 8mm sized boilies of the existing ones 
    • Make it 10 gold for a full reset of all skill points instead of 5 gold per section.
    • Reduce the cost of ingredients for making groundbait
    • Add fishing leagues
    • Clean the sound of real activation when being reeled in
    • Add different size fish for harvesting bait fish to match the hook size that are use for live bait
    • Add different fish species for harvesting bait fish 
    • Add ability to use feeders in boat holders
    • Add a delete message function  Added  5/18/2018 
    •  Filter all lure without hooks when we press B
    • Add Global chat to announce competitions being held.
    • Add Barbel to Winding Rivulet 
    • Make the eye smaller when looking at the rod info
    • Change Bite indicator position attached in front of reel and first line guides,with short animations movements up and down and sound & light if fish bite.
    • Give top water lures more appeal to fish
    •  Add Amazon River
    • Add hip waders and chest waders
    • Add RF4 portal a database of currently available equipment, lures and other things that can be purchased in the game along with data such as weight, stiffness, price, etc
    • Placing a notice board on the menu screen to inform events (competitions)
    • Add custom naming scheme ( like light feeder , heavy feeder, night bollognese etc)
    • Decline or send back button in private messages for received items
    • Food combinations for extra bonuses
    • More information for items in their description
    • Personal best catch chat notification (for every fish)
    • A button to turn off bell sounds while fighting another fish.
    • Game announcements on in game menu instead of chat.
    • Improve campfire look and animations.
    • When a player's catch is reported in chat, add a little icon to show what bait/lure was used
    •  Announce the discord link on occasion like you do the tournaments
    • Ability to cook fish Added October 18
    • Add a Float Fishing Plummet
    • Add a float tube (buoy)
    • Countdown timers for competition showing how much time left for competition to start
    •  In login screen, it will be nice to have the option  to remember the password
    •  Add button in game menu for teleport to Town
    • Implement Swivels to the game as a workshop purchasable item
    • The ability to recycle old fishing line
    • Surface controllers *or surface floats* are used specifically for floating baits on the surface
    • New item in workshop weather radio
    •  Make atm so we can also deposit silver
    • Add chatterbaits
    • Able to cut line off of spool of line to match the amount of line to the reel capacity specs
    • Have a global fish market, which can be seen from the menu and prices vary according to supply and demand
    • XP reduction when using "heavy equipment" to fish small fishes
    • After entering the cafe on the current fishery, information about the tasks is available from the interface
    • Able to assign hotkeys for instance food and drink.
    • Able to craft lures without hooks
    • Redesign zoom and binoculars centering to show more of the water when lifting rod to be able to hook a float rig
    • Move boat station on Volkhov to the island so it is closer to the middle of the map
    • Add NPC to town that tells you some fish bait preference for area like when you travel to fish abroad
    • Fishing with floating bait, like bread or floating pet food
    • Add a Polish version     Added
    • Reset skills points with silver instead of gold
    • Reduce the cost of repair Mechanism of Everest 2 8000 -
    • Introduce the following baits:Dragonfly, Wax Worms, Scuds, Freshwater Shrimp, Grass Shrimp
    • Add depth indicator for feeder rods
    • Be able to change shot weights on the fixed float setup
    • A few different folding chairs for purchase
    • Row boat for rental
    • Add a description to lures like wobblers to clearly inform player if the lure is diving, sinking or diving sinking type
    • A menu hotkey to see prices at the cafe / market so you know what to fish for
    • Frame limiter in options
    • Ability to adjust the sinkers on the line
    • Able to sell ground bait at the stores
    • Warn players to move if they are at different lakes to move if they join a competition
    • Add a function able you to change your status to online,invisible,busy, etc in chat
    •  Esky or tackle box in your boat
    • Deep sea maps in Russian waters with tides and swells
    • Crabbing (drop some crab pots around using fish meat)
    • Adjust Sterlet fights to be more aggressive 
    • Add an option in-game to turn off either mouse smoothing 
    • Add moderation functions for creator of private channel
    •  Change names of Regions to Language when checking records and ratings
    • Harvesting fish pieces from fish gives a chance of randomly getting Fish Roe ( Even from first level of harvest skill that allows fish pieces)
    • Able to name the rods function for each setup they are for
    • Option to make Rotten fish pieces
    • Option to adjust drag when rods are on their pods 
    • Add Spanish and Portuguese translation Added October 18
    • Add option to turn the notifications off for competitions. Added
    • Better contrast between text and their background
    • UI scale for all resolutions
    • Suggestion list to have separate categories
    • Add 1920x1080 resolution as a option for the windowed mode.
    • Add only middle class comp for lvl 15-23/25 Added
    • Different types of flashlight. From basic to very strong LED's.
    • Decide yourself what to put in your feeder. For example, mix groundbait with maggots.
    • Decide yourself what size bait is. For example potato cubes, pieces of fish etc.
    • Add float paternoster rig and/or santee rig
    • Being able to watch the maps even though you are not on that map
    • Leave the last reel speed settings they way they were for the next time you go fishing (after game restart)
    • Add more hotbar slots.
    • Move.. Change the color.. or move and change color(or give an icon) to the discard button
    • Change behavior of some fish 
    • Increase the number of records shown in the classification table to 10
    • Add option to display FPS in the game
    • Add casting nets to catch catch bait fish 
    • Visual optimization on floats
    • Being able to switch of a rods alarm when you already have a fish on
    • Be able to join more than 1 chat channel 
    • Add a food item or breakfast item at the Cafes to provide those who have done orders with a good quality meal.
    • Add an option for players so they can see what fish has been last hooked on a certain rod.
    • Add the "daily challenge" fish 
    • Make all large fish go to your heaviest setup.
    • Add Window Borderless option mode
    • Once the player is in competition and rules are changed/edited, player should get notified about the changes
    • If player join a competition but got disconnected, player should still be in the competition even if competition started before he came back/had a chance to join again.
    • Possibility to leave competition even if is in progress
    • Add Wiki page/spreadsheet/list with all the different rods and reels and their properties
    • Show starting times in competition overview
    • Remodel Lake Trout art
    • Store all personal ingame messages on server side not on the player pc
    • Create some loyalty system on workshop and cafe shop - give some bonus 
    • Create an unhook phase of the fish with some skill tree
    •  Add more dynamics to the fish models  - adding length as well as weight; short fat fish or long skinny ones, just add some variety other than always catching the same looking fish models; some age indicators like scars on fish that live in predator infested areas, and scars on smaller predators.
    • Maybe a competition host should get the ability to make levels within levels. For example: General comp: level 15 - 50 -Prices for 15-22, Prices for 22-28, Prices for 28+

    • Add baitrunner reels (front and rear drag)

    • Ability to use loosefeeding catapults for maggots/casters etc.

    • Add in competition to have your own name in different color on the list of players.

    •  Add when you are harvesting with shovel and a scoop to fine old lures and pocket knife etc.

    • Add to be able to buy skill points and skills at a certain level

    • Quick Item Selection Order- To list the normal GB's (Bream, Tench Mix example) and Shovels and scoops at the top of the list instead of the bottom.

    • Add ability to cook fish pieces and add the possibility to make dishes like fish soup from different ingredients  Added

    • Add camping light in the quick selection menu (accessible with U)

    • Add possibility to switch off in game announcements (server announcements) 

    • Remove the absolute records from players that migrated to other regions servers from the previous server.

    • Add more regions to the game for example South America

    • Add belly boat 

    • Make it so we can "drift fish" in a boat at Sura. We should be able to start up at the top of the map and turn off our engine and just drift down the river and fish without hitting the bank constantly. The current should keep us in the middle of the river or at least off the bank.

    • Add possibility to have flag of player next to his nickname

    • When viewing a caught fish in 3D mode we need something of fixed size in the frame, something that is always the same size so when the fish is next to it, we get a sense of scale - Maybe a beer bottle?  A bottle of vodka?

    • Add 5/0 to 9/0 hooks

    • Delete the tooltip that says to get a big hook if you want to catch big fish

    • Add particle baits for carp fishing and Carp Fishing Catapults

    • Add some 22kg mono and fluoro leaders , also some bigger fluoro ones.

    •  Add The view of the catched fish on hands

    • Add a trophy perk to PVA stick

    • Add fishing umbrella for when it's raining.You could buy in the shop

    • Add different colors on the illuminated part of the luminous Waggler float series

    • Add Video/Audio record a session to local hard drive

    • Add possibility for 1 Day Premium Purchase

    • Add note system for the maps - so we can add/mark/edit our own cords/locations on the maps

    • Make medium lvl comps 13-23 lvl not only till lvl 22 as it is now.

    • Add  add other resolutions for the game

    • Add dips for Corn 

    • Add art work videos like showing how the fish/lake get painted and of course the colour part in time lapse video

    • Add Information about the staff the roles and what they do in RF4 - missing the credits from every person who is involved 

    • Make boats accessible with rods when there is already a fish on to swap your position

    • Add a zoom out choice when trolling so you can see both poles from were you are sitting

    • Add a "weekend event" feature. Perhaps not every single weekend, but occasionally have weekends where a specific species is featured.

    • Add to the game feeder tips. 3 tips for one feeder - 1oz 2oz 3oz

    • Add different colours or sounds for messages in chat for things like Trophy, lost bait,lost fish 

    • Add possibility to use worms that were digged out by players to add in groundbait

    •  Able to buy a hooks in multiple pack

    • Two step verification like google authentication

    • Ability to craft your own moonshine Added

    • Implement a WOW or shocked / excited face (Emote) to the forum for post reactions.

    • Add option to see through web page table of records of all regions, same like Russian forum has already.

    • Increase the amount of pieces you get from a fish

    • Add option for blocking brand new players sending you a message.

    • Add Daily & Weekly Leaderboard for gained XP

    • Make all the ingredients for all craftable bait/lure automatically go into the right slot

    • Add Templates for custom groundbait

    • Add ability to craft multiple items at once

    • Add Albino Catfish and channel Catfish

    • In the stats section , add a tab that shows your personal records for the last 7 days that resets every week.

    • Add stats see how much we caught total weight of fish from every species

    • Add shopping list or "to do " list 

    • Add  API where data and information about players (such as top players, experience, inventory etc) could be provided and used to make different statistics

    • Add free skill points reset once a year.

    • Add ability to clip the line on carp/feeder rods, for recasting to the same spot.

    • Give the players a few more characters (or a lot more) to use in chat. So often a  message gets cut short.

    • You should add Toggle off/on button for Fish control when character automatically controls the rod.

    • Add a hotkey to the back arrow in the top left of the shop's sub menu.

    • Add 'Return to village' selection on the main Esc screen.

    • Add wish list for shops - at least for 5 products, with a message when it's available at different lakes.

    • Add sales for gold/premium more often.

    • Add option to save tackle load outs and name them

    • Add ability to see remaining repair time while fishing, so you don't have to check in the workshop

    • show total weight in fishnet

    • show weight per species in fishnet

    • Add statistics screen telling you how many of each fish you have caught and top 5 weight of each species player caught

    • Add possibility to choose what boat ticket to use for example 1 or 5 days 

    • Add second boat location on Volkhov River at Ferry Docks

    • Drinks should give more energy - balance the energy

    • With new campfire, it would be great to make difference like evening or when the weather is colder the comfort level would grow to a higher level and also faster next to the campfire but on sunny days the campfire adds lower comfort.

    • Add weight options for the fish when choosing them for orders in the cafe 

    • Add full-screen window mode(mouse lock in the game)

    • Add a function "key" - when I push I can hold down the "main action"  until I push the key again)

    • When there are no ingredients to craft with and you click craft on accident it should immediately tell you there are no ingredients

    • rather than trying to craft for 5 seconds

    • instantly put purchased items into inventory

    • when buying ingredients, have a filter of what you want to craft to show what ingredients you need for that specific craft

    • when in-store show what items you already have in inventory

    • if a craft fails, instead of a big red message box, have a message pop up just like when digging for worms fails

    • Add some bonus for catching a rare fish - 10 gold or 7 days free premium

    • Add some bonuses for catching a rare trophy fish - 10 gold or 7 days free premium

    • When crafting fish pieces, make it possible to mark more than one fish

    • Would be useful, while trolling, to see part of the map on the screen (in a circle for example) so you don't have to press M all the time.

    • Add ability to make own tents 

    • I suggest that it shouldn't be possible to FAIL to harvest fish pieces from fish of certain weight. Let's say from 3 kg fish you should be 100% able to get at least 1 fish piece 4 kg would mean at least 2 pieces and so on and so on.

    • I would like to see a (5-10 min) video of the devs explaining fish generation. Not the exact formula of course but a general insight to most things that influence this.

    • Add bar or small clock icon - info about "happy hour"

    • Have the User Guide as a PDF with index area

    • Add ability to edit own post for longer time in case something needs updating

    • Add UL rods for float fishing

    • A sign on or next to the Moonshine hut to say if it's available or not 

    • Add an option on rods in the tackle shop such as Ultra Light, Light, Medium Heavy Heavy etc

    • "Show the length of a fish that is caught

    • Add some more light lures - spoons, wobblers for UL gear

    • Add the ability for lure makers to make more sizes of the existing spoons and top-water lures

    • Add Lake Ohrid to the game

    • Evaluate RNG when crafting live bait.

    • Would be great if each individual rod was identifiable reliably both in inventory (I) and quick access configuration (U)

    • Evaluate live bait fishing ( float ) and the test on the match rods for live bait float fishing- is very difficult to fish with heavier live bait at the moment.

    • Add Easy panel where we can see our placement and how we are doing in the competition, it would help a lot instead of looking for your name on a list of 200+ players

    • Add Bow fishing 

    • Add ability to see total weight of all fish currently in keep net.

    • Evaluate xp and silver from fishing Catfish.

    • Add UL setups for Telescopic rods

    • Add ground bait remaking, maybe with a 50% loss. Like take 2 6/10 ground bait and remake it into 1 between 9 and 10/10

    • Add firewood stand at Bear Lake

    • Add Shop catalogue that we can buy from an administration and when away from the shop we can check the items prices and  for viewing pleasure

    • Evaluate lure crafting system and maybe add new lures 

    • Add possibility to allow all (or more) keybinds to be changed

    • Rename all the words that say 'spinner bait' to 'spinner' or 'spinners'

    • Reduce the diameter of the wire to a measure more in line with reality

    • Giving a premium reward for competition as an item reward so it's possible to activate it when it fits the players gaming schedule 

    • Add a travel pass for a 1 off silver cost that says allows you to travel to each lake free of charge?, so you purchase the pass for say 100 silver and you can travel to the other lakes throughout the game for 7-10  in-game days

    • Add boilie catapult or sling would be good, for baiting an area with boilies.

    • Adding a phone (or other device) to see what offers are at the cafe without having to go a long way to the cafe. Maybe an option to sell to the cafe through the device (something limited).

    • Order the identical ground bait in inventory by quality. For example, if I have 30 bream mix I would like to see 10/10 first and 1/10 last.

    • Add pop-up window when logging on at the start of Happy Hour that gives the option to wait 15 minutes to allow for travel time to fishing spot/change lakes/check weather. Maybe a UI timer that shows time left for happy hour also.

    • Add auto walk key bind, especially while fighting a big fish and you need to walk all around the lake.In this way you can keep reeling in while walking.

    • Add possibility to name your rod/setup in inventory: having same rods with different reels and setup it would make it easier to recognize them, especially for bottom fishing.

    • Due to some connection issues for players from CN region maybe creating server near Taiwan will help.

    • Increase the chances of catching fish on Belaya

    • Add Turkish language 

    • Add a quick slot for drinking and eating 

    • Same type of food or drink just showing in 1 slot with amount

    • Add cafe at Bear Lake 

    • Add possibility to get in the boat with a fish on.

    • Please add Gar fish into this game

    • Make the UI either adjustable, or move the info bit out of the middle of the screen

    • Remove the boat motors completely and attach a small trolling motor of some sort,  a small inboard motor, or just a smaller motor in general without reducing the speed of the boat. You could also add a taller swivel seat in the back of the boat so we look over the motor.

    • Could you implement possibility when we  pay in premium on to choose if we want experience boost or we want income boost 

    • I would love to have some kind of catch log available as some sort of comma separated file. This would enable fishers to do deeper analysis on when/where to target which species, with what gear, location and much other stuff that could be useful to analyse.

    • Please add French admin on the to make sure that the French can understand the game a little better

    • Allow players to turn off the line tension bar and they receive an XP boost for successfully landing fish without it.

      This will add to the realism and an an extra layer of difficulty for experienced players.

    • Add lights for the boat

    • Add a trophy shot animation, like that we can take screenshot of the fish

    • Please add Korean language

    • Please please please streamline the inventories.

    • When changing the rig style, IE basic to loop rig, please leave the bite indicator attached to the rod as well as the reel and line. 

    • Implement common minnow as a baitfish

    • Add nase as baitfish

    • Add button to disable the "ding" sound on notifications

    • Add possibility to make your own leaders 

    • Implement a separate space for equipment you want to giveaway/sell

    • Implement the quantity you want to buy of small items such as groundbait then you don't have to keep clicking on the same item

    • Implement a separate space for equipment you want to giveaway/sell.

    •  "High Light(Bright Color)" for the users own ign in the competition name list

    • If we could actually see others people caught trophy fish in 3d view when visiting their profile. 

    • Maybe giving a better description for the bait would be a good idea

    • You could also writing a short tip for when loading maps.

    • Maybe adding a warning for the first time they use the bait could be implemented

    • Add possibility to change ingame nickname for Steam players.







Now If you do not see your suggestion in the List does not mean anything other than it may have been missed as there were alot of pages to work through please just resubmit it.


This Topic is for making suggestions only anything else will be Remove from this topic!!!


Thank you



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I don't know if this has been suggested before.


on the lake info ( when you press escape  and click the lake ) adding fish species and what size they can get too in that lake and what baits in general work good for example clicking on bear ( as its a carp pond ) would suggest using natural baits, doughs and boilies,. I don't mean list every single bait that people are catching fish on I just mean list what type of baits work.


Kouri could have Trolling, Natural baits, Doughs ,Live baits . ( Live baits include bait fish and insects ), as I said you don't need to list all the lures , doughs ,and live baits used.


In the fish size just add the biggest size next to the fish , for example Kouri Char could say  ( Kouri Char Pic Here ) Fish size can get to 39KG <--- This is just an example size.


This would help out lower lvl players that have just unlocked or about to unlock a lake as they can prepare ready to go there when they unlock it.


Cheers :D 


I was testing some bait mixes for mesh and PVA and noticed there is only one kind of Pellets in the additives , What kind of pellets are these ? are they for none predatory fish or for Predatory fish or Both.


there are lots of different types of Pellets for making groundbait in shops irl, how about having 2 types of pellets 1 for non predatory fish and another for predatory fish for targeting fish like Surgeon and Cats ( don't know why you would want a Cat )   


Also in the Groundbaits in the tackle shop a small description what type of fish they would be good for could be most helpful to players too.

For example , Bloodworm ( is good for attracting smaller fish ) Corn ( Good for fish like Carp ) , you don't have to give an essay of a description just a brief one.


This would help the lower level players and the non real life anglers help make better groundbaits. 

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I know this is already in the suggestion list but please add something to prevent you from being teleported when your boat licence runs out. Last night I was fighting a fish for at least 40 minutes before getting a notice that my licence was about to expire. I could not renew the licence nor could I get out of the boat with the rod and continue the fight from the shore. It's really frustrating to fish for hours and finally hook into what I could only presume to be a trophy fish and then get teleported and lose the fish because my licence runs out.

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A few suggestions..


1. Bite rates need to be changed.. I am getting tired of wasting my time.. searching for fish.. different baits.. trying different lakes..

2. Tired of the incorrect weather forecasts ingame.. See a stretch of what should be GOOD weather.. And I've gone days(ingame days) where the weather did not match the weather in the forecast.. IE.. cloudy or rainy.. But the entire day(12am-12am) stayed clear. I know weather can change throughout the day.. But this is a game.. And we put time into waiting for what should be good days to fish.. going.. fishing.. just to waste more time finding them.. and getting nothing.


I understand this game is supposed to be more 'realistic' and I understand not pulling in a fish nearly every cast like another Free to play game.. but it's still a game.. I'm putting MY time into it.. And at times my money.. I'd like to get some feeling of some success spending my time and money here.

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Hello I would like to suggest two items to improve the recovery of the character and to maintain the comfort of it on rainy days


1- A folding chair of this wooden stool style

2- a movable fender to be installed next to it

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