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Tell us what would you like to see in Russian Fishing 4 in the future. Please look at the list and only add new suggestions to the thread!!

They will be updated to the list and hidden after they have been added to the list to help keep this thread from getting too out of control again.


List of suggestions already implemented in the game :



- Add different bite indicators for feeder rod

- Add " how much line is left on the reel " indicator

- Add pop up indicator of the msg in game 

- Ability to name ground baits

- Add better map info on the current location

- Add ability to block/ignore player

- Add some animation on the reel, so we can know how much line is still left

- Add the ability to select multiple items to discard

- Increase stock at stores

- Add ability to see weather conditions on maps before travelling to them

- Add storage box in town, to put the less used stuff, this could clean our inventory - Added Cottage Pond Cottage and Tents on each map

- Add GPS, that show us our real position on the map - Player can view his position and direction on paper maps now

- Add rotating spool animation 

- Add competition awareness within the game

- Add use of the tent

- More line choices

- Add Beluga in a new large fishing area

- Add function for a secondary sorting of Groundbait for quality and/or stack size remaining

- Add free/silver cost/premium only weekly/daily tournaments with special rewards - Weekly records

- Revalue and reorganize the reels

- Increase catfish value significantly

- Balance carp strength and stamina

- Add the possibility  to create a group chat with friends

- Lower the volume on the horn bite indicators

- Add higher strength fluorocarbon leaders - the player can craft now fluorocarbon leaders up to 27kg 

- Increase "new boilies" catch-ability 

- Able to get a name change in the game - Possible for RF4 launcher

- Add Dutch, Polish, French, Portuguese, Korean version of the game 

- Add a filtering/sorting option on the fish selection screen to sort by weight and/or remove the valued fish from showing 

-  Remove the ability to use 2 rods at the same time. ( Player no longer can operate a pole placed on the stand if he/she hold anything in hands)

- Add a delete message function

- Ability to cook fish

- Add only middle-class comp for level 15-23/25

- Add ability to craft your own moonshine 

- Add Albino Catfish

- Provide more things to Premium: maybe a touch more XP in skills and/or levelling experience

- Add sales for gold/premium more often

- Drinks should give more energy - balance the energy

- Add some more light lures - spoons, wobblers for UL gear

- Evaluate lure crafting system and maybe add new lures 

- Add a better description in workshops on what is repaired or replaced

- Increase the chances of catching fish on Belaya

- Add button to disable the "ding" sound on notifications/messages

- Add the possibility to make your own leaders

-Add ability to the boat to be pushed away from the bank. It gets stuck very easily

- Add Wheat Grains in Farmers Market on Winding Rivulet translation to English

-Give topwater lures more appeal to fish

-Stacking of same items in inventory  instead of 10 of them in the food menu

-Improve campfire look and animations

-Implement Swivels to the game as a workshop purchasable item

-Add possibility to make dishes like fish soup from different ingredients

-Add possibility to switch off in game announcements(server announcements)

List of suggestions :



-The ability to log out back to the main login screen.
-Increase chance to catch specific bait based on the ground/water type and environmental factors like rain, temperature etc.
-Option to add a leader to the three-way jigging rig
-Add lock screen, so on dual monitor setups mouse don't go on another monitor
-Roadmap to future of the game
-Add stats in-game money spent/earned.
-Add more benefits for Premium: free tackle repairs, and a little gold per Premium 'membership' bought, free repairs
-Gamepad support

- Ability to order items from the shop when sold out, so it will be delivered when items arrive, you pay when putting an order
- More stable boats, even when anchored the boat spins too much, trolling with wind is too hard
- On-screen rod indicator, handy for hard hearing or when trolling. or even when feeders are out range because you looking at other spots with spin/float
- Repair times to count down even when you are not online playing
- Open up Bear Lake then we can fish from the other side

-Use of Atv's or bikes to get around lakes
-Add player created campfires
-Add fly fishing
-Wildlife movement in the game
-Bass fishing
-Add possibility to use feeder rods on the boat - stands for feeder rods
-An in-game setup which devices play game sounds
-Ingame measurement in lbs/kg and imperial/metric switch choice 
-Adjust cafe orders to better suit lakes they are on
-Smaller graphical representation of boat motor
-Character choice male/female

-Float crafting
-Cultivate your baits for example plants in a small greenhouse or worms on land or keep live bait fish in an aquarium etc.
-Add clothes to protect your energy from bad weather (rain or storm) and increasing comfort and as consequence max energy/energy recovery
-Possibility  save point from your current position when closing the game or making a teleport

-Add possibility to see cafe offers and stock in the store to save unnecessary trips form any position on the map

-Add a limit to the amount of bait a player can buy/hold at one time
-More options for float
-Add the possibility to buy a permanent boat
-Add ability to buy a house in towns

-Add kayak that you can rent or buy permanently
-Add straight retrieve indicator 
-Ability to see the quality(Star Rating) of the gear in our inventory
-Show the name of the person who made handmade lures in our inventory (similar to how it is done now for GB)

-Ability to change hooks on lures from quick selection
-Maps sorted on countries and expand the lake and rivers to look like the real ones from across all Europe, America and other regions
-Make player competitions more attractive
-Add a friend list
-Add possibility to adjust the volume of the bells on feeder rods
-Warning message for the camping light when a player is 20 m away. The lamp is put back in the backpack
-When a record fish appears in chat it would be great if the lake/river where it was caught was shown
-Please get rid of the ground bait making fails.Contributing nothing to your skill is penalty enough
-Crafting your own boilies like GB would be great
-Add more carp rigs and other modern carp things
-Ability to use harvested worms and things as loose feed or chop em up throw em in GB

--Change the crafting "failures" to reduced quality instead of item loss
-Fluorescent bobbers
-Reduce the order fish size, many have requirements above the lake record
-Add rewards for achievements
-Give an animation for when you land the fish, such as holding it in order for us to have a better idea of the size and take screenshots 
-Double anchor, one at the bow and one at the stern, so you don't turn all the time.
-Remove the chance of a fish fleeing without any reason
-Giving away items a standard / non-premium feature
-Add weekly challenge cafe orders which give increased coins, cash or items
-Make events during which a specific fish species has increased trophy chance/size/reward
-Make short-lived in-game daily events showing which fish will have increased fishing rate during that day. (F.E: Salmon Run)
-Allow players to place items as competition rewards
-Add an auction house.
-Add more equipment slots for groundbait/gathering.
-Remove the chance from common carps biting bread/worms in mosquito lake to avoid punishing beginners so much
-Improve storm graphics
-Be able to hit G to go back to live view after pressing it to check the fishing rod setup
-Keep all game sounds active when in menu's or crafting screen's
-Add pop-up tips explaining the risks, such as GB, rod types, reels, equipment parts when repairing, how to make a safe rod setup, etc..
-Also add a button to access the same tips in-game
-Saltwater/sea/beach fishing
-When you catch a trophy fish, it shows on chat it was a trophy

--Make ingredient selection on GB or bait screen to stick with the last choices you made
-Combine ground bait of the same make and quality to a single quantity, instead of portions of 20 pieces
-Make that these new sensors for bottom fishing stop beeping after 3 or 4 times
-Bite indicators not to go off when reeling in your line with Y. Every time I go to tighten line it beeps 4 times
-Automatically fill the item selection for crafting, unless there is more than one option to select GB
-Real-time in-game pass not like now 1h/1d in game
-Rain falling in water see drops how fall in water with option to enable and disable this from settings for low pc spec
-Adding lakes/rivers/sea from European/American/Asia continents and country's with possibilities of travelling to different country's using real-time (ex: travel from Spain to the United Kingdom choose the travel method car 12h realtime/plane 3hrs realme) 
-Choosing a date and hour to start the travel even if players is online or not. And possibility to chose where to go fish in that country (ex: important lake/river/sea not all even fictional names should be ok)
-Option to gift premium/golden coins
-St. Patrick event with green water body color
-Special type of fish who give u gold coin after selling
-Introducing the seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter(water freezes and fish pike on hole,made with ice drill
-Feeder bells changeable after being cast out
-Add possibility to regulate the intensity of light on bite alarms
-Add exp option when releasing small fish
-Increase the bite % of larger fish
-Decrease the bite % of smaller fish
-Electric motor for trolling
-A better way of scrolling down to the items we want to send to another player as the scroll item only shows when you mouse the mouse wheel up and down and it's too small
-Also the ability to select multiple items to send to players
-Make "green flagged" fish easier to catch by them not being as affected by attractiveness as trophies
-Add Bears
-Allow copy and paste in chat
-Spinning, Feeders,Carp Rods,Picker, etc individual groups into backpack
-Able to move your head/sight independently

-Hide/Show buttons for each item in the inventory, with a "show hidden" button at the top
-Add reset cast key
-Able to locate fish by shadows, air bubbles, splashes      
-Some sort of mark or stain on the ground where you have dug for worms/bugs (bait)
-Ability to collect mussels with hands when we see them stuck to rocks and stuff
-Increase the flashlights radius to match the cameras max field of view
-Change the allowed size of fish used for harvesting to something like the usable range for live bait fish to not flood the game with fish pieces
-Change the harvesting of fish pieces into a 3 level skill in the tree with the lowered failure rate and increased yield as skill develops
-On the player's screen a tab that warns that competition is running
-Adding possibility to sitting on a chair
-Show the length and the weight of a fish that is caught

-Remove some skill tree complexity
-Add the date when each fish was caught in fish statistics
-Add separate list in the statistics for all of our Trophies
-Add more low profile reels and stronger ones like a 11kg drag
-Add confirmation button when buying expensive items
-More information of caught fish in player statistics
-Resign button in competition after it has started
-In game information on where to use certain items
-Remove the directory/folder information when taking a screenshot
-Add pop up boilies
-Add a few more 8mm sized boilies of the existing ones 
-Make it 10 gold for a full reset of all skill points instead of 5 gold per section.
-Reduce the cost of ingredients for making ground bait
-Add fishing leagues
-Add different size fish for harvesting bait fish to match the hook size that is used for live bait
-Add different fish species for harvesting baitfish 
-Filter all lure without hooks when we press B
-Add Barbel to Winding Rivulet 
-Make the eye smaller when looking at the rod info
-Change Bite indicator position attached in front of reel and first line guides,with short animations movements up and down and sound & light if fish bite
-Add Amazon River

-Add hip waders and chest waders
-Add the RF4 portal a database of currently available equipment, lures and other things that can be purchased in the game along with data such as weight, stiffness, price, etc
-Placing a notice board on the menu screen to inform events (competitions)
-Add custom naming scheme ( like light feeder, heavy feeder, night bolognese etc)
-Decline or send back button in private messages for received items
-Food combinations for extra bonuses
-Personal best catch chat notification (for every fish)
-A button to turn off bell sounds while fighting another fish
-Game announcements on an in-game menu instead of chat

-Add a Float Fishing Plummet
-Add a float tube (buoy)
-Countdown timers for competition showing how much time left for competition to start
-In the login screen, it will be nice to have the option  to remember the password
-Add button in-game menu for teleport to Town
-The ability to recycle old fishing line
-Surface controllers *or surface floats* are used specifically for floating baits on the surface
-New item in the workshop weather radio
-Make atm so we can also deposit silver
-Add chatterbaits
-Able to cut the line off of spool of line to match the amount of line to the reel capacity specs

-Have a global fish market, which can be seen from the menu and prices vary according to supply and demand
-Able to assign hotkeys, for instance, food and drink.
-Able to craft lures without hooks
-Redesign zoom and binoculars centring to show more of the water when lifting rod to be able to hook a float rig
-Move the boat station on Volkhov to the island so it is closer to the middle of the map
-Add NPC to town that tells you some fish bait preference for the area like when you travel to fish abroad
-Fishing with floating bait, like bread or floating pet food
-Introduce the following baits: Dragonfly, Wax Worms, Scuds, Freshwater Shrimp, Grass Shrimp
-Add depth indicator for feeder rods
-Be able to change shot weights on the fixed float setup
-A few different folding chairs for purchase
-Rowboat for rental
-Add a description to lures like wobblers to clearly inform player if the lure is diving, sinking or diving sinking type
-A menu hotkey to see prices at the cafe/market so you know what to fish for
-Frame limiter in options
-Ability to adjust the sinkers on the line

--Able to sell ground bait at the stores
-Warn players to move if they are at different lakes to move if they join a competition
-Add a function able you to change your status to online, invisible, busy, etc in chat
-Esky or tackle box in your boat
-Deep sea maps in Russian waters with tides and swells
-Crabbing (drop some crab pots around using fish meat)
-Adjust Sterlet fights to be more aggressive 
-Add an option in-game to turn off either mouse smoothing 
-Add moderation functions for the creator of the private channel
-Change names of Regions to Language when checking records and ratings
-Harvesting fish pieces from fish gives a chance of randomly getting Fish Roe ( Even from the first level of harvest skill that allows fish pieces)
-Option to make Rotten fish pieces
-Option to adjust drag when rods are on their pods 

--Add option to turn the notifications off for competitions. Added
-Better contrast between text and their background
-UI scale for all resolutions
-Suggestion list to have separate categories
-Add 1920x1080 resolution as a option for the windowed mode.
-Different types of flashlight. From basic to very strong LED's.
-Decide yourself what to put in your feeder. For example, mix groundbait with maggots.
-Decide yourself what size bait is. For example potato cubes, pieces of fish etc.
-Add float paternoster rig and/or santee rig
-Being able to watch the maps even though you are not on that map
-Leave the last reel speed settings they way they were for the next time you go fishing (after game restart)
-Add more Hotbar slots

--Change behavior of some fish 
-Increase the number of records shown in the classification table to 10
-Add option to display FPS in the game
-Add casting nets to catch bait fish 
-Visual optimization on floats
-Add a food item or breakfast item at the Cafes to provide those who have done orders with a good quality meal
-Add an option for premium players so they can see what fish has been last hooked on a certain rod
-Add the "daily challenge" fish 
-Make all large fish go to your heaviest setup
-Add Window Borderless option mode
-Once the player is in competition and rules are changed/edited, player should get notified about the changes
-If player join a competition but got disconnected, player should still be in the competition even if competition started before he came back/had a chance to join again.
-Add Wiki page/spreadsheet/list with all the different rods and reels and their properties
-Remodel Lake Trout art
-Store all personal in-game messages on server side, not on the player pc
-Create some loyalty system on workshop and cafe shop - give some bonus 
-Create an unhook phase of the fish with some skill tree
-Add more dynamics to the fish models  - adding length as well as weight; short fat fish or long skinny ones, just add some variety other than always catching the same looking fish models; some age indicators like scars on fish that live in predator-infested areas, and scars on smaller predators.
-Maybe a competition host should get the ability to make levels within levels. For example: General comp: level 15 - 50 -Prices for 15-22, Prices for 22-28, Prices for 28+

-Add bait runner reels (front and rear drag)
-Ability to use loose feeding catapults for maggots/casters etc.
-Add in competition to have your own name in a different colour on the list of players.
-Add when you are harvesting with a shovel and a scoop to fine old lures and pocket knife etc.
-Add to be able to buy skill points and skills at a certain level
-Quick Item Selection Order- To list the normal GB's (Bream, Tench Mix example) and Shovels and scoops at the top of the list instead of the bottom.
-Remove the absolute records from players that migrated to other regions servers from the previous server
-Add belly boat 
-Make it so we can "drift fish" in a boat at Sura. We should be able to start up at the top of the map and turn off our engine and just drift down the river and fish without hitting the bank constantly. The current should keep us in the middle of the river or at least off the bank.
-Add possibility to have a flag of player next to his nickname
-When viewing a caught fish in 3D mode we need something of fixed size in the frame, something that is always the same size so when the fish is next to it, we get a sense of scale - Maybe a beer bottle?  A bottle of vodka?
-Add 5/0 to 9/0 hooks
-Delete the tooltip that says to get a big hook if you want to catch big fish
-Add particle baits for carp fishing and Carp Fishing Catapults
-Add a trophy perk to PVA stick
-Add a fishing umbrella for when it's raining.You could buy in the shop
-Add different colours on the illuminated part of the luminous Waggler float series

-Add Video/Audio record a session to local hard drive
-Add note system for the maps - so we can add/mark/edit our own cords/locations on the maps
-Make medium lvl comps 13-23 lvl not only till lvl 22 as it is now.
-Add dips for Corn 
-Add artwork videos like showing how the fish/lake get painted and of course the colour part in a time-lapse video
-Add Information about the staff the roles and what they do in RF4 - missing the credits from every person who is involved 
-Add a zoom out choice when trolling so you can see both poles from where you are sitting
-Add a "weekend event" feature. Perhaps not every single weekend, but occasionally have weekends where a specific species is featured.
-Add to the game feeder tips. 3 tips for one feeder - 1oz 2oz 3oz
-Add different colours or sounds for messages in chat for things like Trophy, lost bait, lost fish 
-Able to buy hooks in multiple packs
-Two-step verification like google authentication
-Implement a WOW or shocked/excited face (Emote) to the forum for post reactions.
-Add option to see through web page table of records of all regions, same like Russian forum has already.

-Add Lake Ohrid to the game
-Evaluate RNG when crafting live bait

- Add on the lake info list fish species, what size they can get too in that lake and list of baits

- Make clearer what Pellets contain, and add info to the GB components what components are good for fish species

- Add something to prevent you from being teleported when your boat licence runs out even when you don't have more tickets in the backpack

-Join multiple channels at once and have a drop down to switch between them

-Npcs in cafe area

-rain animation on water

-reduce notification size

-add search option to shops

-wireless receiver to show strike indicators from a distance

-add ability to put personal notes on map

-make live fishing available from first level

-increase amount of bait stocked in shops

-Game development road map so players know what part of the game devs are working on

-add ladder phase (6 months to a year) to game with top players entering a competition at the end of each ladder phase on an unknown map with new species

-personal tent that acts as a spawn area next login

-in a competition with more than 350 players 11-25 get 3 days premium

-show a smaller version of when trolling or show the inner circle of compass on map

-increase forum mailbox size

-UV or glowing lures for Burbot

-Add different beeping sound depending on running speed of fish

-add the Netherlands to the game

-hide groundbait ingredients once bait is crafted

-Map selection option before loading last fished map

-Add species Kollar Carp

-Add species Roach/Bream hybrid

-Add species Rudd/Bream hybrid

-Add species Rudd/Roach hybrid

-Add species Koi to Bear Lake

-Add species Rainbow Trout to Kuori Lake

-Cause live bait to act like a normal bait once a fish is on the line

-Adjust the length of Beluga to conform to the weight

-Change trading so premium is not necessary

 -Change crafting using items with multiple units so only one unit is used per craft

-Groundbait effect continues to increase the longer you fish an area

-Grounbait has a larger area of effect.

-Change migration so that spots do not completely die out, but simply run low

-Make a leader for float and bottom fishing mandatory or  have an obvious disadvantage for no leader due to fish awareness

-Rewards for posting information about the game

-Less noisy electric motor, causing fish to be less cautious

-Add boilie throwing sticks

-Have larger boilie packs with a bulk discount

-Add red flagged world record trophy, triggered when player catches a fish bigger than absolute global record

-Reduce the wear on gear

-Allow discussion of new patches

-Have 1 section for all water bodies with subtopics for each fish

-Let users create topics in the player section

-low weight jighead size 6 for UL

-Make extra happy hour for premium players permanent

-If game disconnects due to internet connection, allow a pause for reconnect so the profile and map do not have to reload

-Add absolute and current weekly records to website

-Add scaling to current maps

-Add wind direction and speeds to forecast



Now If you do not see your suggestion in the List does not mean anything other than it may have been missed as there were a lot of pages to work through please just resubmit it.


This Topic is for making suggestions only anything else will be Remove from this topic!!!


Thank you



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Hi there!


Suggestion n°10:

Sandwich bait skill should be available for bottom fishing too. I see absolutely no reason to make it so specific to float fishing. When I'm feeder fishing in real life, I love to make sandwich baits like sweet corn + maggots, or bread + corn. Also having two boilies on the same hair rig :) .


Thanks for attention.

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Hi there!


Suggestion n°11:

It would be cool to see an air pump to buy for the baitfish bucket, in order to keep them fresh and alive for a longer time. The "bug" making dead baitfishes alive if you had one fresh has been "fixed", so it would be nice to give us the possibility to keep fishes in good conditions for longer :D .


Thanks for attention.

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I've been looking into possible locations for a level 22 map. I came across the Amur River and after doing a little research I believe it may be the best location. The Amur is one of the more prominent fishing spots in Russia and is home to a wide variety of spices including Sturgeon (the Kaluga sturgeon would be really cool), large Taimen, Amur Pike, White Fish, and many more spices. 

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I do not know if anyone suggested it but you should insert another one series of feeder rods with 5% bottom skill,on the 20lvl and whit price of 1500-2000 silver

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Ruffe from 30 to 90 g,  white bream from 30 to 90 g, perch from 80 to 150 g, roach from 50 to 130 g crucian and gibel from 80 to 150 g in my opinion is hard now to get a lot of baitfish and i like fishing with baitfish a lot but i prefer to fish with other rigs because i need 2-3 h to get like 60 baitfish and that in 1 h of fishing is gone and 70% for small fish.

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