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Regional Tournament EN-US-FR-PL-JP

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Regional Tournament EN-US-FR-PL-JP !



The tournament will take place in the following regions: EN (Other Region), US, Poland, France, Japan.


Registration Start: Friday 11/06 12:00 EST / 10/06 18:00 CET

Start: Wednesday 11/11 02:00 EST / 10/11 08:00 CET

End: Thursday 10/12 12:00 EST /  10/12 18:00 CET

What do you need to do:

  • The player must catch the maximum number of fish species that can be found in the fishery specified in the tournament conditions. There are no restrictions on bait or fishing methods
  • The terms and conditions may include a list of exceptions for fish that are not eligible to enter the tournament.
  • Any fish of any maximum weight caught by a player during the tournament is used to calculate tournament results.

The winner will be determined in the following order:

1. Depending on the number of fish species caught.
2. The sum of the points from the maximum weight of each fish of a given species caught in the tournament.

10.000 points will be awarded for the largest fish of each species caught by players during the tournament.
Points are awarded based on the maximum weight of fish caught.

Example for one species:
Player 1 - 10 kg 10,000 points (Highest weight = highest number of points. Largest fish of a given species caught during the tournament).
Player 2 - 9 kg 9000 points.
Player 3 - 8 kg 8000 points.


Read the guide "RF4 standalone/client forum tournaments." before participating.


Questions about the standalone tournaments can be asked here:


Suggestions for tournaments can be made here:




1st place: 2000 silver + 15 gold coins + 7 days premium

2nd place: 1500 silver + 12 gold coins + 7 days premium

3rd place: 1000 silver + 10 gold coins + 6 days premium

4th - 5th place: 500 silver + 8 gold coins + 5 days premium

6th - 7th place: 5 days premium
8th - 10th place: 3 days premium

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