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Denis RF4

Mosquito Lake

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22 hours ago, Levo_RF4 said:


Awesome fish !!! can you add some info where it was caught, cords, bait etc ?



It is 36:47

His setup and everything you can see 5 posts further up ---> klick me

It is the same spot where filipe 6 posts above got his one too.


Good Luck


Ps: Old Raspberry Boilies from the "New years fair" do work too. (Pomor Raspberry)


For people who are new to the game and don't have access to all the shown stuff:

You can use a simple bottom rod system with a feeder, basic Crucian and Giebel Groundbait, throw 5 GB portions every 30 minutes manually per hand (press U and click on it)

Use a size 12-14 hook with the highest star rating you can get.

The most efficient Natural Bait is at the moment Nightcrawler, if you have no access to them you can also use Pearl Barley, Maggots, even Bread and normal Worms.

You will not have that high biterate of ~ 80 Fishes in 30 Minutes and also not that high trophy ratio, but both will still be ok and you will get over Time your Trophies as well.


To give some additional infos:

Setup and 30 minutes keepnet from the pier caught 1 hour ago with clip 9-10







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Hi All,


To anyone that wants to close perch.


Position -> 49:43 Cast NW - Texas Rig, Purple Bead, Foam Rubber Fish 004








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On 12/1/2017 at 9:21 AM, JunkyJuke said:

Old Burg can be very frustrating if you face it on light-medium/light equipment. But if you learn some tactical tricks you can land some big carp even on weak equipment (i.e. I recently landed a 11,5 kg catfish on a 8kd test line). Never chose a fishing spot where the beasts have space to flee and spool your line. So be shure to have a lot of line in your spool (I'd say 140+ meters) so that you can foollow them around the lake untill they are exausted. Also check the map, there is a small "lake" where you can fight them in thiny space if you place yourself on the small bridge and even if they manage to escape, you'll be able to follow them to the left or right shore. 


That said, yeh Mosquito is a nice place even for high levels. I travel here very often to catch medium sized fish and enjoy the temperate weather. Still trying to catch a catfish... ;)

If you go to WR to the deep  hole and fish with nightcralers or fish pieces if you have the oyu will cath a catfish. It has to be at night to,it's also the pace for burbot fishing. They are a struggle to ,they don't run off but stay on the bottom like a haevy log. But you will surelu cath one. You can also spin for them with the spiker spinner . i think it is nr 2 013,not sure thugh but i know it is a Spiker spinner,ask in chat,the high lvl players will know; have fun,brother. And yes,t-your best et if you don't have the ger for grasscarp and black carp and other big carp the ond on OB is the best place yourself in a way that the fish will always run off to the end of the pond and not to the brifge and you will tie them oiit. i cathed a 16 kg grss carp there with anc 8 kg reel. :) 

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Posted (edited)

Gys i'm trying so hard to get trophy ide on Mosquito, i tried the spots i found on this page but all i can get is a ton of small breams, zero Ide, not even the normal ones. Who can give me some tips? Mybe the spots have changed?


BY the way i have Ide mix, pea porridge and i also tried with both halibut and salmon boiles

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27 minutes ago, Ragnarocek said:

any spot for ruffe guys ?

I tend to catch ruffle at night time on a small hook (24) with maggots close to the bottom. Basically everywhere. Good luck

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