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Hello Content Creators:


We are often asked what kind of support we can offer to streamers and content creators. We are also asked what we are looking for in the creators we support. This post will explain the answers to both of those questions and let you know how you can gain support from us.


What we look for:

  1. Positive atmosphere in the content.
  2. Limited foul language and emotional outbursts.
  3. Average viewers of around 30 or more
  4. Professional interaction with others.
  5. Professional responses to challenges while streaming.


In general we want to see a positive and helpful atmosphere. Creativity is a plus with special on-screen graphics, and automated sounds during special moments, but are not required. Negativity and unfriendly content will not get supported.


What we can give:

  1. Items for giveaways
  2. In game announcements for your streams.
  3. Item support for special events


We are planning on giving items to one or two streamers each week for giveaways. In return all we ask is these streamers let us know when they will be giving them away so we can make an announcement in game to support the streamer. Also, if you meet the criteria we can make an in game announcement for your stream once or twice a week at our discretion.


How to get support:

Simply email admin@rf4game.com with your in game name, link to your content, and schedule and we will take a look. If you meet the criteria, we will keep you on our list for item support. If you are running a special event and are looking for support, please give us at least a weeks notice and describe what you are doing and what you need from us. Please note this doesn't mean we will be giving away top notch gear all the time, but we will support you with nice items.



  1. RF4 items must be open giveaways or competitions. No filtering based on follower or subscriber status.
    1. Exception: If your stream is under a view bot attack it is acceptable to be in follower only mode, but ONLY in that situation.
  2. If your content is not acceptable, we will not support you.
  3. We may change what support is being given at any time. We will endeavor to keep you updated in advance of any changes, but cannot guarantee this.
  4. This support is not guaranteed. We can decline to support any content creator at any time.
  5. RF4 cannot help you with Twitch problems such as bot attacks. If you have a problem that is occurring in Twitch please contact Twitch support.
  6. Ensure that you are courteous and professional in your communications with others.


Thank you,

Your RF4 Team

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