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This forum section is for requesting technical support for the game and / or website. Please look at the Region / Standalone Transfers section for how to transfer regions or move to standalone. Please check the self help section and search the forums to see if there is a solution already for your question. See the Gameplay forum for your gameplay questions. When requesting help, please provide the following information for any support questions:


Do this first (See Image):

  1. Start RF4
  2. In the launcher, click the gear icon (1).
  3. Click "Checking game files..." and wait (2).
  4. When complete launch the game. If it still does not work.
  5. Reopen the launcher.
  6. Click the gear icon (1).
  7. Click the Diagnostics button (3).
  8. A 7z file will be saved to your desktop. This can take up to 15 minutes to complete.
  9. Attach the file here OR send to support@rf4game.com.



When contacting support here on the forums OR via email at support@rf4game.com please include:

  1. Brief description of problem.
  2. Any error messages you may be getting.
  3. Any relevant screenshots.


If the question is a technical one also provide:

  1. Whether or not you are on Steam or Standalone.
  2. The results of the diagnostics from the launcher.


By following these rules we will be able to provide support more quickly. Please limit your topics to one per problem, and do not hijack other player's posts. Topics that violate the rules may be moved or deleted. Finally, please keep it civil. We understand that you are frustrated when you have problems, but being rude or using foul language will not help anyone.



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