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Game does not Start or Crashes


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Dear community,


Please check to see if your PC meets our minimum specifications here: http://www.rf4game.com/download/#requirements


If you meet our specifications then please try the suggestions below one by one as they apply to your configuration:

  1. Ensure all drivers and operating system are up to date.
  2. Ensure your primary graphics adapter is the adapter that RF4 uses. If unsure on how to do this, visit your card's manufacturer for support.
  3. For higher end cards (Nvdia 1000 series and higher and their equivalents) limit the framerate to 60FPS.
  4. For lower end cards reduce the graphics options one by one until the crashes are eliminated.
  5. Start RF4 as administrator. Right click on the icon and select run as administrator.
  6. Go into your game directory and delete launcher.conf. Start the launcher again, a repair process should start.
  7. If the above does not work:
    1. Uninstall RF4.
    2. Go to c:\users\%username%\ and show hidden files and folders
    3. Go to appdata and show hidden files and folders
    4. Go to each directory inside of appdata and delete any folder with RF4 or Russian Fishing in it's name.
    5. Reinstall RF4


If none of the above helps, go to this post https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4322-forum-section-rules/ and follow the directions there to request help.


Tight lines
Rf4 -Team

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