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Steam to Standalone Transfer

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Dear Community,


If you wish to transfer from Steam to Standalone please read the below information:

  1. The transfer is one way. You cannot go back to Steam.
  2. All items, levels and progress is transferred.
  3. In game mail will be cleared due to the installation of a new game instance.


If you want to go forward, email transfer@rf4game.com with your in-game name, and email address you wish to use.

  1. Your email address must not be used OR provide the in-game name of the account using it and EXPLICIT permission to delete it.
  2. If looking to get an account deleted the email address must match the address on record.
  3. You may play the game the entire time up till the transfer occurs.
  4. When the transfer occurs, if you are online your account will be temporarily blocked.
  5. The transfer will take 5 minutes or less and at it's conclusion you will receive a mail with new login information.
  6. Change your password immediately afterwards.


For CN players please contact china@rf4game.com for a transfer.


Tight Lines,

Your RF4 Team

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