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Hi all,

As some of you might know after seeing my previous posts, I tend to spend a 'little' too much time experimenting with boilies and pellets in hopes of finding that next working combo. This is why. After that blue common I was sure lightning wouldn't strike twice but at this completely random spot and of course bait combo, the first fish I catch is the one I've hunted for over a year (Trust me, I've tried 🤣) No pva and no dip.

Amber Lake 132:147 H4 clip 40 cast just left of the island (I don't know if this spot is actually consistently producing, this was the first fish.)


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Went to Belaya to try Bleaks, Greylings or Brown trout trophy. Spinning didnt produce much so I tried Bleaks and it was working pretty good but no Trophy yesterday the best was 105g. Today I tried again and got the trophy and the personal best on Bleaks. Moved on to deeper parts to try to get that Grayling or Brown trout and as I didnt  know what to do with so much Bleak baitfish tried baiting them and got Freshwater Crayfish trophy on one.

Bleak trophy on 71:61, bait fly, depth 17cm, hook 18.

Freshwater Crayfish on 73:56 Baitfishing rig, bait Bleak, hook 1, clip 30m.




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Hi all!

Finally closed the book at Mosquito 🥳!!!


Specie: Perch





Map: Mosquito Lake

Coords: 96.77 I5
Casting distance: max 20m, they bite mostly within this distance, and with shorter casts, you will optimize the number of your tries during the "hot" hours 😉 .





Setup (jigging rig)




When/Weather: caught during the evening, under the rain. The morning and the evening are the best moments (biterate and size)

Other: you can try other luras as the classic shads for example. I tried the fluo yellow, it gave interesting results. You can also try with nightcrawlers on the bottom while you cast your lure. It's effective too.

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