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[Level 1+] Mosquito Lake


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A quiet lake, surrounded by pathless Novgorodian forests. In a small village, situated on the steep bank of the lake, you can buy only essential commodities, also there you can sell fish and repair your tackles. Accessibility and a wide variety of fish make this location a perfect place for a beginner at angling.

To access this water body you need to be level 1.

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Here is the scale of Mosquito Lake map to help you setting the clip on your reels.


The sides of a grid square represent a width/height of 22m.


Reminder: for setting a clip use Ctrl +/- when you have the rod in hand; clips are expressed in metres, same as above.


NB: The 40 m indication is just here to show which casting distance I used as a reference (for the method see "Determining the scale of a map" in Player Guides).






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