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[Level 26+] Ladoga Lake


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Lake Ladoga is the largest lake not only in Europe, but in the whole Old World. The rocky banks of northern Ladoga are cut by peninsulas and narrow straits. The relief of the bottom in this area is characterized by a large number of deep holes. Shallows near the banks are often covered with reeds. The banks of Lake Ladoga are thinly populated. Mainly there are small settlements or fishing bases. The lake is rich in fish. In particular, here you can find several varieties of whitefish, char, minnow and such a legendary species as Baltic sturgeon.

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Great spot for char at the moment, but not only.

Works really well even with modest gear, as seen in the setup example.

Coords: Around 75:27

Grid on map: H8

Casting direction: E, 70-90% or just full cast. It's up to you.

Species caught: Char, Red Char, Gray Char, Zander, Burbot and few: Atlantic Salmon, Lake Trout, Ruffe
Working lures: Almost any plastic lures. (ex: handmade foam dish, provoker, quicker, maggot lure, etc)

Rig: Texas with 3 skill points

Method: Jig-step with half-turn, 15 speed. Try experimenting because it works with many variants.


Setup example:




Trophies caught:




Full net:




GL HF and enjoy the grind!
ps: and the lovely quiet Ladoga

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