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[Level 28+] Akhtuba River


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 Akhtuba River is one of the most famous and beloved waters amongst the fishermen of the rivers of Russia. The banks of this large and beautiful river are cut by numerous channels and floodplain lakes, which, like Akhtuba itself, are full of various fish. Among the variety of species inhabiting Akhtuba, fish species as the Caspian Beluga and Persian sturgeon deserve special mention, of which adult specimens are capable to envy even a seasoned fisherman.

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As mentioned above, there is a nice spot at Akhtuba, perfect for levelling your float fishing skills, making some easy silver and waiting for the next night to return to your favourite carp spot.   


It is at 70:131, just walk a bit to the right or to the left to find the center. It does not look impressive, a mere stretch of plain river, no reeds, no lilies, but just the right current for 2 telescopic rods or, if you prefer, bolo/match rods. A third rod can be a feeder for breams but it distracts me too much from the many bites I get on the two telescopics.


With a mayfly on a #16 at the end of a 3.2kg FC (must be careful about lost roaches) you may catch, some days, a lot of sichels, shemayas, various herrings and other small valuable goodies. Fishing there is really enjoyable as you never know what will come out of the water and it's relaxing after these stressing fights against carps of all sorts.

Shemayas are my favourites and I just caught so many that I could make a couple of graphs about their yield in silver and XP. It's kind of the equivalent of bleaks at Winding, at a more rewarding scale. They bite all day till late 23:00h; be patient, they become bigger with the night.

Café orders are frequent for 1 unit of 140g, 200g, 400g ($53), 500g, 600g, 800g ($146).

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Hello guys, 


a very very active Bighead Carp spot right now a Tuba river, its 142:23 with 20m clip, you can se weekly records for yourself to proof, but yeah, try it uot and enjoy fishing 😉


I got my trophy with big pellets, but most of other players use 18mm pellets and its working very very fine






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 Kessler's Herring- On farm Right now @ 146:23 with mayfly / Redworm

 Black-spined herring- On farm Right now @ 143:23 with mayfly/ redworm

Sichel- On farm @ 63:133 with mayfly/redworm

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Hi all!


A short review about an area close to the base.

Actually, spots 63.133 and 51.138 are pretty good for: beloribitsa whitefish, asp, chubs, and some rare sturgeons like the bastard and the stellate (but not often at all).

Asps bite not bad on wobbler too (some decent pikes bite too at 51.138).


Nets and fishes










Spots: 63.133 D4 (clip 18m) and 51.138 C4 (clip 25m)

Setup (baitfish rig and lure rig)

Baitfishes: bleaks and roaches





Weather: better when it's sunny

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Hi all!


41.108 being hot! Russian sturgeons, sterlets, stellate sturgeons (and probably persans, but no luck with them so far).


Net and fishes








Coords: 41.108 C5

Clip: 32m





Setup (loop rig)

Baits: mole cricket (for russian sturgeons) and rhino beetle larva (for sterlets and stellate sturgeons)





Weather: sunny

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