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[Level 30+] Lower Tunguska River


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The Lower Tunguska is the largest tributary of the Yenisei River, one of the most famous and majestic rivers of Siberia. Its wild and rugged beauty and the abundance of fish make Lower Tunguska incredibly attractive to fishing enthusiasts. In spite of its remote location, away from any civilization, the fishing camp has a well-developed infrastructure. There is a cafe, several shops and a boat station. In addition to ordinary shops, a branded shop operates on the territory of the camp, where you can buy handmade bait and lures.

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47 minutes ago, Fishcatbong said:

138:88 is not really active, both for jigging or bottom. Kind of sad for a player that grinded 30 levels to get to a dead river, but this is rf4, grind to find nothing, pay to get the same 😂

Hi man,

if you refer to the spots list upper, it's maybe not up to date.

You could ask where the fishing is good at the moment, it costs nothing.

You can also try to find something here VK or here rf4spots - tunguska .


I would say, instead of complaining that you get nothing on one single spot, try at least to ask people where fishing is good at the moment. It's a forum, so a space where to share infos and ask for advices. There's also a "criticism" thread, if you have really something to say.

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Hi all!


I tried a bit for siberian sturgeon at 40.135.

It's not bad at all, they can be farmed decently. There are some sterlets and amur catfishes too.

I used only with cockchafer larva, and some PVA nets, mainly crab and mussels flavored.

I believe there are some trophies, but I've not been lucky yet.


Coords: 40.135 B5

Clip: 45m





Nets and fishes


















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Having recently unlocked Tunguska...


I would love some more information, i have UL set up for spinning and been doing relatively okay, using the following set up;




Is this leader too big?

What hooks is best to use on the lures?

Is it more of a day/night spinning place?


Any help with spots would be greatly appreciated, just seem to be getting tiny fish and nothing close to a trophy size.

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