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Q/A November


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Hello anglers,

we are getting a lot of questions from players on different platforms. Once again, we invite all of you to post any questions you have here on forum - this way other players from the community can see the answers as well.  It will also help us - by not answering this same questions over and over  again we will have more time to support you all and answer to new questions that might arise.

We collected a few questions that continued to come up in last 2-3 weeks and will provide the answers. We hope this will be useful for some of you. 


Q1. Is the game finished ? 

- No, the game is still not finished, we will still have a lot of new, fun features added to the game in the future ( and here I don't mean only new fish species or water bodies). 


Q2. Why are conventional reels so expensive ?

- Some of the strongest conventional reels are expensive but those will be mainly used on higher level water bodies and have a very big impact. As said many times before, the game is still not finished and not all water bodies and fish species are added to the game. Our players will definitely see more potential for those conventional reels in the near future and they will be needed for some of the things still to come.

- Please also note that conventional reels have 2 gear ratios. The lower ratio has more force, and the higher gear ratio has more speed. The higher ratio is used for lure presentation and fighting active fish. The lower gear ratio is used for fighting larger slow moving fish, or finishing the fight on large active fish when their stamina is depleted.


Q3. Where i can find some information about in game equipment/gear : 

Q4. Where I can find information about different bottom fishing methods :


These User Guides are a very good tool that players can use to get knowledge about the RF4 game.

On the right side you will see different topics and players can find answers for a lot of questions there.





Q5. Snags - How to realise snags ?

Q6. Does the bonus from rods stack above 100% in the skill tree ?

- Bonuses on abilities that bring the value above 100% will stack. For example, a 10% bonus on top of 100% would achieve a skill of 110%.


Q7. Why are you revising old water bodies instead of creating new ones?

Our programmers have learned a lot about level design over the years. We are now achieving much better performance, even on larger bodies of water. The Mosquito Lake no longer met this quality standard. We have also made some changes to the lake for it to feel fresh again.





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