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Russian Fishing 4 - Winter Season Gifts


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Hello Dear Fishing Friends!

Bit by bit the year is drawing to a close, with the autumn winter turning point. On this occasion there are little "treats" but tasks have to be done. 


Welcome to our "Winter Gifts"

Every day anew, the door opens. The first player is chosen. But what exactly is the goal?


Small prizes await you behind every door.

Every day there will be a task that we will give you.

The first player to complete the task and post a comment with the result will receive the prize.


We wish you success and don't forget the mulled wine.


Start: December 1st

End:  December 24th 


Competition conditions:

An administrator will create the task every day.

The task will be posted daily in a new post at 8 p.m.

That is 2000 CET / 1400 EST


The first player to complete the task and write a comment will win.


Important! We will check the tasks in logs for authenticity.


These tournaments are only available to standalone players. If you are interested in a transfer, you will find instructions for switching from Steam -> Standalone here:



 Guideline for registering and using the standalone tournaments:



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