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  • The Eel lives in numerous water bodies in the European part of Russia. Its body is long, snake-like and slimy. Its scales are very small. The eel’s coloring depends on its age. Young eel is distinguished by a dark-olive back and a yellowish white belly. Adult eel’s belly color changes to silvery white. The eel’s dorsal fin, fused with its caudal fin, starts far behind its pectoral fins. Eel prefers still water, but can be found in water bodies with strong currents as well. It mainly stays in bottom water. It shelters under snags and in underwater plants. Eel may reach a length of 2 m and a weight of 4 kg.
Possible baits

        Take a look at weekly records

  •     Pieces of fish
  •     Redworm
  •     Chese cube
  •     Leech
  •     Crayfish tail
  •     Baitfish
Example of the setups
Possible bottom setup



Possible rigs:

  • Paternoster rig
  • Simple bottom rig
  • Loop rig
Possible float setup


Possible rigs:

  • Fixed float
  • Slider float rig
  • Match rig
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Thanks I figured it out because nightcrawlers catch about anything worth catching. Trophy Ruffe's for the win! They also like cut fish. Thanks for the reply though your game rocks.

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I didn't say thank you.
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9 minutes ago, KeNeK said:

where can i get these? any good spots in oldburg?


I think the usual is somewhere near fallen trees etc where it can hide (also on nightcrawler), but I got my few eels from the deep spots on Old Burg (Northern one, western one and that small one in Sleepy). Proly more pro players will be able to help, mine are very random and rare.

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I got a 2.5k  one by pure accident on Old Burgh (my one and only Eel so far too) just outside fort to left near lilies. Was using a small 12 hook and worm on feeder farming some Carp, Perch  and Tench around 7-8 a.m.

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I received recently often the question: "How do you find those Eels and how do you get so many Trophies?"

I tried to answer everyone and also made already a post at the Old Burg section with the last active "hotspot" (not active anymore)

But answering everyone and doing it properly with those limited characters does consume quite a bit of Time because there are several things to consider and to figure out.

So I decided to make here a more in depth Guide which might help some people out to get better results.


All statements which I will make below are based on my personal experience (6 1/2 Trophy Eels and several hundred normal ones), it can differ a little bit from how it exactly is, but I think I am decently close.


General things about Eels:



This is my prefered Setup which I never change.



I know Eels are getting catched with hooks from #10 all the way up to #2/0.

As always hooksize does sadly not really matter if you can get a certain Fish, but it still might influence how many you get.


Float Fishing is also totally fine, you just have to figure out the max depth you can have and you are good to go.

I personally do prefer bottom fishing because you have a way lower chance of missing one due them biting 90% "suicidal" and with float fishing it´s way more tedious.


Prefered Bait:  

1. Fish Piece, 2. Crayfish Tail, 3. Nightcrawler, 4. Worm, Redworm, Cheese 5.  Lures (Yes they bite on them, but if you actually catched one you should immediately play Lotto)



The main factor for Eels is the Temperature, if it is below 12° you are good to go. The second factor is the Daytime, a fixed Timeframe seems to be from 23:00 till 8:00 during this Time also higher temperatures do work. Sidenote: You can catch them 24/7 but outside those two windows the chance is so minimalistic that it is not worth to try it.


Rare Fish: 

Eels are rare Fishes like Donets Ruffe, Black Carp and Golden tench. Those are not supposed to be farmable/targetable, but every now and then it seems to be possible.

The Eel has one big advantage his prefered Bait is not shared with many other species (Chinese Sleepers <3, Burbot, Catfish) that´s why Fish Piece is by far Nr. 1, all other baites are shared with more species, decreasing the chance.



You can catch them everywhere, but their absolutely prefered Location is really close to the shore where moss and lilies are next to eachother.



As colder as better it is, although if it is getting below 8° it seems that they move a little bit further away from the shore.

Also they really like rain, thundertorms intrestingly enough not that much though.


How to find them and how to target Trophies:

We went through the basics of Eels, now the golden Question is how you can find/identify a Hotspot and how you can increase your chance to get a Trophy.


To answer the more interesting question first, how do you increase the Chance of getting a Trophy?

The answer is quite simple and is the same for every Fish in the game: Increase the amount of Fishes you catch.

Every single Fishsize is rolled by itself, you can get lucky and your first Fish is right away a Trophy, you can get unlucky and catch several hundreds without one.

So the only thing you can do is trying to catch as many as possible in order to have as much rolls as possible.

(And even if there are some mechanics like, pity factor, or better gear = higher Trophy chance and so on, you will never get a confirmation for that.)


This does lead us to the next, most intresting and final point, the Hotspot:

A Hotspot is generally a place where you have better catching results than you normally would have due it providing way more Fishes.

Now how to find and identify the Eel Hotspot?


As mentioned above Eeels do like places which have a combination of lilies and moss, at every location where you can find those two together you can catch normally 1 Eel per Night. If you find a Hotspot it is possible to catch 5-6 Eels a Night and the averrage will be at ~3 pieces. Still it is even at Hotspots possible to catch not a single Eel, this happens maybe in 1 out of 7 days, but it is possible. So when you search and check several locations to find a Hotspot, you have to stay for 2 Nights at each place to be sure and that is the reason why it can be so freaking Time consuming to actually find them and why people don´t wanna share it when they finally have found one.


Experience wise there is always only 1 hotspot for Eels active at Oldburg, the previous two had been 37:58 and 64:18, both are dry now.

Also a thing is that every Hotspot I encountered so far did not only have moss and lilies, but also Grass and or Reeds next to it.


And for the end here are a few Coords which were "Hot" at least once:

37:58, 61:18, 61:14, 23:67, 71:51, 59:13 (31:23, 47:20, 17:68)




English is not my main language so sorry for wrong grammar and such,


as always wish you all gl and tight lines, have fun.




Ps: Why 6 1/2 Trophies? I lost one a few meter in front of my feets, сход for life ;-)

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Found those informations when googling : "Various methods including float, ledger or feeder are used to catch eels. Float fishing with a waggler over a bed of groundbait, slightly over depth close to reeds is a good tactic. The feeder is also considered a good method." and "Lay a bed of groundbait using brown crumb or continental groundbait with your old bait, maggots, casters and chopped up worms mixed in." Also "This comprised of some mashed up dog food, molasses's, sprats and some anchovy & sardine dynamite baits additive."


Time to see if the rf4 dev used those information into the game.

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