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[Level 1+] Mosquito Lake


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A quiet lake, surrounded by pathless Novgorodian forests. In a small village, situated on the steep bank of the lake, you can buy only essential commodities, also there you can sell fish and repair your tackles. Accessibility and a wide variety of fish make this location a perfect place for a beginner at angling.

To access this water body you need to be level 1.

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Trolling around the new map was for me a good way to discover it.

I have been to every corner of it and got not snagged (so far) even in the deepest vegetation or fallen trees.


I had two rods with 7.7 kg FC leader (a bit strong but I was scared of pikes) and Aikkila spoons but others should be fine also.


There were lots of small perches in the H4-I4  corner and some nice chubs around the central 8m hole.

From late evening to morning I made 22 Silver which pays for the 3 Silver rental of the boat and the touring cruise.


The attached keepnet picture was made at 11:00h.

I am close to some eventual café orders for 3 x 800g chubs or 1x1kg Ide which would double this amount; and I forgot the 5 x 50g perches I sold earlier.


Low Level players should keep in mind that this result was obtained by a Lvl 28 player (which I feel to be low also) and that their own score will be in proportion. Don't be disappointed if you get less.

Good Luck.




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1 hour ago, Sampei Mishima said:

specchio d'acqua molto bello laghetto fantastico.... sto provando alcuni spot.... al momento sembra rispondere bene al 73:77 esche sweet dough, wet bred e honey dough i principali pesci che abboccano sono common carp e brem di buona taglia

write in english pls... thanks...

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  •      Species / Species of fish: Bream, Tench, Common Carp, Common Roach.
  •      Baits: I would suggest Pea Porridge, if u don't have try with: Nightcrawler, Garlic Dough.
  •      Place: 73:77 (NE)
  •      Clip: 18-20m
  •      Groundbait: i fishing without groundbait.
  •      Fishing Method: Bottom fishing.
  •      Depth: bottom fishing (feeder rod)
         I FISHED FROM 20:00 TO 8:00 very active spot.









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Didnt know where to post this as we dont have General forum, so Ill post it here.

Ok, guys Im so happy that I got PREMIUM 7 days!!!

So if you are in doubt, dont be its possible to get it with Gift fishing at 53:84 with tele. But be warned that some of the gifts are heavy I torn 2 lines before I bought stronger tele rod and line and got this. Woooohooo!





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